Monday, August 14, 2017


    Red Pill cultists Vox Day and Roosh Valizadeh are again leading the Charlottesville charge: this time in a different direction. Joined by a growing number of traitors---among them Ramzpaul, Mike Cernovich, PA, and various others---the Dark Triad corner of the Internet is swelling with the chorus: "I dindu nuffin!"

    Even the chumps at Vanguard America, are denying that James Fields---suspect in the Charlottesville murder---was ever a member. Yeah, sure.

     What's brought this all about is a looming and long-overdue crackdown signaled today by President Trump and during the weekend by Vice-President Pence and Attorney-General Sessions. Apparently the FBI has taken over the investigation into Charlottesville and the FAA is looking into the rather suspicious police helicopter crash shortly afterwards. Senator Cruz has been calling for a Congressional Inquest.

     In the private sector, webhost GoDaddy has terminated hosting The Daily Stormer. The pathetic Andrew Anglin tried to make it look like a hacking, though most experts suspect this to have been a hoax. There are rumors flying about that a lot of these trolls are about to kicked off of forums like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

     Vox, Roosh, and their disciples can run but they can't hide. And there's a lesson here for lost and confused men who are flirting with these radical movements: For all their blather about 'brotherhoods' and 'manly Alpha leadership', when the irons are actually in the fire these guys are going to throw you under the bus and save their own skins. And that's true for Leftist radicals too. Remember the Inauguration Day riots last January? Hundreds of Antifa and associated types are still sitting in the pokey while those who egged them on are giving paid interviews in the MSM.

      Another good example is Welch, the Pizzagate shooter. Welch realized he'd been lied to too late. He'll be in the Pen for until early next decade---a sadder but wiser man. The point though being that none of the Pizzagate proponents---many of whom profited off the story---were ever punished. But Welch, who acted on their theories, was.

     What's going happen from Charlottesville? There may be some prosecutions if the FBI can prove Conspiracy, or the helicopter crash turns out not to have been an accident. Most likely though the main reaction is going to come from public and political pressure to drive this bunch out of the mainstream. As we've said for a long time, it's going to take leaders from the Conservative movement to start denouncing these groups and we're starting to see it now with high-ranking Republicans like Senators Cruz and Hatch and Paul Ryan speaking out. Let's hope that this trend has a trickle-down effect.




  1. Thank you for this! I observed the same thing. Some of those guys took a rather slimy 180 turn, suddenly distancing themselves from what they endorsed not 24 hours ago. Liars. These are the kind of cowards who would send troops off to battle and then try to claim plausible deniability when it didn't go well.

    1. Yep. I think that Senator Cruz really sent a yellow stripe up their spines. Bullies like these respect power and powerful Conservative leaders (real ones) back them down every time.