Saturday, August 12, 2017


       President Trump issued a statement this morning saying, "We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides. It has been going on for a long time...there is no place for it in America." 

          The President's statement represents the real Conservative position. For weeks now, Red Pill cultists; among the loudest Vox Day, Andrew Anglin, and Richard Spencer, have been inciting their disciples to "make Charlottesville the turning-point in the Alt-Right movement." Sort of like the Beer-Hall Putsch of 1923. Of course, Anglin and Vox stayed far away the scene themselves although Spencer, David Duke, Nathan Damigo and several other notorious fanatics were there.

         The President also spoke with Governor McAuliffe who has ordered the Virginia National Guard to the scene. The extent of today's violence is unknown as of this writing. One person was killed and several injured after what appeared to be a vehicular attack on a relatively peaceful group of anti-Trump. Two policemen were killed when a helicopter crashed---for reasons as of now unknown.

           The ostensible purpose of this rally, dubbed Unite the Right by its promoters, was to radicalize the Conservative movement. Demonstrators marched on Lee Park carrying the flags of the Confederacy and the Third Reich---both states which fought wars against America. And so the 'counter-protestors' brandishing Anarchist and Black Lives Matter banners. Some very early Tweets from the Leftist gangs state that they were attacked with torches and many suffered burns. This hasn't been verified; but it's very likely true.

         But President Trump is right; it's not especially important which side started this disaster. Both sides came to Charlottesville eager for a fight. Now three people are dead and many others injured---and for what? Here's the answer:

          People like Vox Day, Andrew Anglin, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are always instigating these acts of violence, but are never around when the fighting actually starts. No, instead they sit in their studios sipping cocktails and laughing in their sleeves. Charlottesville is going to mean book deals, interviews, and speaking fees for these people, while their minions rot in jail or lie in hospital beds. As the legendary Texas Ranger 'Lone Wolf' Gonzalez used to tell suspects, "The Penitentiary is full of people who are there because 'somebody told them to'".

         Our Constitution is set up to change government leaders and policies through peaceful means. Again, President Trump is right. There is no place in America for this; although it has been going on for a long time. What is different today is the pointlessness of the violence. Earlier political violence was still wrong, but those acts had ostensible motives: tax polices, abolition, labor unrest, civil rights, the military draft, etc. The political violence of recent years---including Jihadist attacks in America---seem to have no other purpose than to take action for the sake of taking action. Both sides want a Civil War and neither has the slightest idea what they'd do if they actually won.

         There will be more discussion of today's upcoming as more details are made known. But on a note of optimism, the real winner in today's battle was neither the Far Left nor the Alt-Right; but the forces of Law and Order. The Charlottesville Police, the Virginia National Guard, and the US Government came out on top---and that's how these events are bound to end. Despite all the revolutionist rhetoric from both sides, they learned the hard way that our Government is a long, long way from being overthrown. If the revolutionaries couldn't take over Charlottesville, we can assume that the rest of the country is pretty safe.

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