Friday, August 18, 2017


    It's a genuine mystery to many of us as to why anybody would pay even the slightest attention to the Mainstream Media, but many do. They've been caught time and again faking and distorting news; their personnel have been continually exposed as nothing but a bunch of neurotics and social misfits. It's well known that on several occasions they've been caught in direct collusion with the corrupt DNC and covering up scandals on their behalf while inventing scandals against the President.

     Another of their crimes is that they seem clearly intent on starting a Race War. To this end, the Corporate Media works with White Supremacists  as well as with Soros-backed fake anti-racism groups.

     The reality of racism in America can't be denied. But the reality is that our country has been fighting racial inequality and injustice since its founding. Sometimes progress has been slow. There are always elements who wish to impede assimilation from a variety of motives: and often these motives aren't even racial. There's power and profit in racial division.

     Regardless of our skin color, creed, or religion practically every ethnic group in the US has gone through this. In pioneer times, some said that 'the only good Indian is a dead Indian' and that the aboriginal tribes could never assimilate. They did.

      Then we were told that the Irish couldn't assimilate.

     Then that the 'descendants of slaves' never could:

       Then that the immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe's children would never become part of America:

     Then East Asians were 'invading our country' and would never be part of America:

   By the 1920s, Italians were next. Pundits assured us then that no Italian could ever be representative of American values.

   More recently, it's been Latin Americans:

    And Middle Easterners:

       The point of this being that every American is part of a group that suffered discrimination and bigotry. Even the Pilgrims came here in the first place because of religious persecution in England.

       It's natural to feel pride in one's community and ethnicity. But one doesn't advance either by burning down cities, desecrating monuments, running over people in crowds, or ambushing police. It's done by becoming part of the bigger picture, the larger community of America and what it stands for.


  1. Amen. One thing that binds us together is Christian values. Not everyone believes of course, but our country was built on those values and our faith is a very unifying force.

    There is a powerful attempt to create divisions in this country right now, a narrative mostly fueled by the media and a few bloggers.

    1. Exactly. And the more the real dividers are exposed, the less power that they have to bring division about.

  2. I would have chosen Darrel Issa or that Cpl. Klinger guy as the Middle Easterner.

    1. I thought of Darrel Issa, but suspected that not many would have recognized him. It's interesting too that two of America's most famous radio personalities are of Middle Eastern descent: Casey Kasem (American Top 40) and George Noory (Coast to Coast AM) are both of Lebanese extraction.

  3. Well put! Read the post too. Interesting speculation, but the mainstream media won't investigate. Doubt it would be easy to prove, anyway. My guess is that IB's comment was correct.

    "So, as crazy as it sounds, those guys were being used and most of them are probably too stupid to realize it."

    1. The story was in the news during the holidays, so it quickly got swept under the rug. It was rumored that the earlier event with Richard Spencer giving Nazi salutes to Trump was staged too; but that was never proven.

      It's interesting that WikiLeaks showed two supposedly Conservative media outlets; Newsmax and NewsCorp as among the top media donors to the Clinton Foundation.

      Cultural Marxists always employ 'controlled opposition.' Just do am Internet search for 'Delphi Technique' and you'll see how it works. It's very simply done: even marketing firms use DT all the time.