Saturday, December 24, 2016


    There's nothing like Postmodern America at Christmastime. Earlier this week, we saw a gang of out-of-state Soros-funded bullies forcing down a Nativity Scene in the village of Gig Harbor, Washington. On Christmas Eve, a group of out-of-state Manosphere bullies are going after some Jewish girls in the village of Whitefish, Montana.

    Andrew Anglin, a Red Pill Cult blogger, is celebrating Christmas Eve by ordering his disciples to attack a woman named Tanya Gersh, who criticized the negative publicity that a property owned by Nazi leader Richard Spencer's family was causing the town. Whitefish is a tourist spot catering to the ski industry, but Spencer uses his family's property as an address of record. Needless to say, this has become a public nuisance for the community.

     Tanya Gersh, who is Jewish, suggested to the Spencer Family that they sell the property; which in turn excited outrage among the Red Pills. Anglin---on Christmas Eve no less---published on his blog The Daily Stormer contact information and encouraged his disciples to troll Mrs. Gersh, her family, her business, organizations with which she's affiliated, etc. Anglin went even further and identified allegedly 'Jewish-owned businesses' in Whitefish as well.

      Anglin even threatened yesterday to organize an armed march in Whitefish, bussing in 200 Skinheads for the purpose. For those unfamiliar with The Daily Stormer blog, Anglin frequently runs a meme with Anne Frank's face photo-shopped on a lampshade. He has been praised by other Manosphere bloggers---most notably Vox Day and Roosh Valizdeh as a defender of Christian moral values.

     My intuition though tells me though that Jesus doesn't approve of such behavior; especially considering that His Mother was a Jewish girl who was often harassed by religious hypocrites.

       The story has gained enough notoriety that the Israeli Media is commenting on it.  Which brings up an interesting idea. 

      Instead of going to Whitefish and terrorizing a half-dozen Jewish families protected by the Flathead County Sheriff's Department, why not go straight on to Tel Aviv, and pit your Alpha skills against the Israeli Defense Force? Show the world what manly Alpha leaders you really are. I'm certain that Netanyahu and his Merry Men would be much more of an interesting challenge for a real Alpha-type. 

      But likely the Red Pills won't go quite that far. Talk is cheap, but it's the one thing they do best.


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