Friday, December 9, 2016


   The US Center for Disease Control delivered some more bad news for the Liberal Establishment today. Earlier we learned that billions spent on prenatal care during the last 30 years has resulted in infant mortality rates increasing to Third-World levels. Yesterday, we learned that two years of Obamacare have seen life expectancy declines to early 1990s levels.

    And now today, for the first time, the CDC reports that death from heroin overdoses has exceeded firearm-related deaths. Only a decade ago, firearm-related deaths were 500% higher. The CDC statistics, of course, don't specify how many heroin addicts were shot in self-defense by gun owners; but we presume there were a few, anyway.

     It should give one pause to consider, however, that laws against heroin haven't done much to prevent heroin-related deaths; so it's doubtful that gun deaths would be prevented by further restrictions on their use. However we are talking about Leftist logic here. Cities like San Francisco and Seattle drive gun stores out of town, but have city-run needle-exchange programs for heroin users. Yes---Liberals consider it compassionate to provide junkies with sanitary needles so that they can overdose and die more cleanly. The situation is actually so bad in both cities that hopheads there have actually formed their own political lobbies.

     The CDC also reported that opioid drug use in the US has quadrupled since 1999, with overdoses rising correspondingly. Then, as now, Afghanistan was the major exporter of opium, but what has changed since 1999? Yes: US occupation since 2002. The United Nations estimated that, in 1999, Afghanistan under the Taliban produced 185 tons of opium. Since 2002, it is estimated that opium production in Afghanistan is averaging 3,400 tons annually. 2007---the year that first saw heroin deaths rise in the US---also saw a record opium crop of 8,200 tons.

    Maybe if our brave men and women in uniform spent less time protecting homosexual pedophiles in the Afghan leadership and engaging in drunken orgies with corrupt civilian contractors or taking bribes to overlook criminal activities, they might actually do something about Afghani thugs filling our streets with heroin. But today's LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon is more concerned with political correctness than with protecting US citizens.

     Americans are by-and-large in denial about the fact that we have turned into a nation of drug addicts; and they are in even deeper denial about the fact that high-level corruption and incompetence are exacerbating the situation. Yet the numbers don't lie. The drug problem in the United States is extremely serious and has only gotten worse under 3 decades of Liberal/Neocon misrule. The incoming Trump Administration has shown a willingness to deal with the situation in more constructive ways than we have seen in the past.

     A future emphasis to reverse this trend must come with incentives. The 'Drug War' paradigm of the past proved very ineffective; and Obama's policy of ignoring it altogether has made it worse. There has to be an incentive for people to avoid narcotics and/or seek treatment. That incentive is what is lacking: like the spike in suicide rates evidenced earlier, drug addiction is symptomatic of a culture that has lost faith in the future. Restoring that faith is the key to rehabilitating both the individual and our society in general.



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