Monday, December 5, 2016


    On the previous article, blogger and sometime commenter Insanity Bytes left an insightful comment about the radicalization of young men. This stems from yesterday's incident at the Comet Pizzeria in Washington, DC where a young fool decided to get answers about 'Pizzagate' at gunpoint. Currently, the suspect---one Edgar Welch---is attired in a striped suit in a DC jail facing 5-10 years on a rock-pile.

    "I think what concerns me about radicalizing young men is that they haven't learned about the rule of law and how to channel their aggression," Insanitybytes wrote, "Worse, they've lost their trust in the entire legal process. In a civilized world, you encounter something like Pizzagate and you turn it all over to the FBI."

     One of the noteworthy things about Pizzagate, is the complete absence of any endorsement from legal or law-enforcement specialists. While our legal process is certainly flawed these days, it is not completely dead, as many have been incited to believe. Some Pizzagate proponents argue that the FBI would cover up a sex scandal involving DNC power-brokers, but some who've also assumed that, found out otherwise.

     The radicalization process begins when young men are taught that traditional and conventional legal and social processes have failed. The next step is to introduce a nebulous and all-powerful force behind these failures.

      "The nature of this radicalizing that goes on now, however, convinces the foolish that society has broken down and it plays off men's biological pull to be heroes trying 'to save Western Civilization'. Or if you are an Islamic terrorist, to destroy it." More accurately, the Wahhabi Jihadists actually see themselves as heroes, too, trying to save Islamic Civilization. The dynamic is the same. Their Imams teach that Islamic society is on the verge of collapse via Western corruption of it. She continues: "You see this common theme in far-Left rioters, in BLM, and on the Far-Right too."

       Insanitybytes is correct here: this is a common theme binding all radicals. While there are plenty of female radicals in all these movements, we rarely see them engaging in these violent actions. It needs here that males are psychologically bound by nature to fear insignificance and also to act when their community is perceived as threatened or under attack. This is why those who radicalize young men need to invent a formidable threat to channel these instincts into concrete action. The Far Left imagines that Christians and Conservatives are plotting against them; BLM believes that there are racist cells operating in positions of authority; the Alt-Right believes that the Jews and SJWs are working for the demise of the White Male; and the Jihadists believe that the West is plotting to overthrow Islam. 

        She also correctly points out in her comment the way to fight radicalization. "Start teaching young men about honor, about the rule of law, about community and civilization...we certainly could reduce the amount of misery by replacing these cultish tactics of isolation and conspiracy theory with the idea of promoting male honor and respect for the legal process." 

       Exactly. There are no shortages in our society of real dragons for men to slay, without inventing imaginary ones. Our system---in fact, all civilized systems---are based on a rule of law. What men need to start doing is reforming (or in some cases, calling for enforcement of) these laws. Change is not going to happen by looting department stores, assassinating policemen, shooting up pizza-parlors, or burning down churches. And it's especially not going to happen by doing what the Red Pills in the Manosphere advise: by walling themselves off from women, the Church, the community at large.



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