Thursday, December 1, 2016


     The city of Philadelphia was America's first capital and the site where the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. But today, the hometown of venerable old Ben Franklin was caught in an anti-Election scandal involving top-level city bureaucrats. It appears that Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd and an unidentified man in hoodie were caught on surveillance cameras, roaring drunk and spray-painting anti-Trump graffiti and obscenities on a grocery store wall.

      Insurance investigators estimate the damage at above $3,000. But Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney has taken no disciplinary action against Duncan so far 'pending an investigation.' Which seems somewhat lenient, considering how Philadelphia authorities treat 10 year old girls.  But here in the Prozac Nation, bringing scissors to school is worse than drunken city attorneys tagging private businesses with Anarchist graffiti.

      Lloyd draws a $63,000 salary representing the City of Philadelphia in federal and state discrimination lawsuits. He is a graduate of Temple University Law School , famous for sponsoring events such as the one in the link. These are the same city bureaucrats who sue businesses and landlords to enforce politically-correct practices.

       Craig Straw, Lloyd's boss who's also represented the City in some shady cases,  said in a press release that "We do not condone this type of behavior from our employees...We will decide our course of action once we obtain more information from the investigation."

       In other words, the incident will be swept under the rug until the media forgets about it.

       The US Corporate Media idolizes the American Legal Establishment as dedicated professionals out to serve justice. The reality is that most American lawyers are on the level of Duncan Lloyd and Craig Straw. This media depiction is understandable, considering that the Legal Establishment and the Corporate Media are both heavy donors to Left-Wing political causes; and sensational trials sell well in the press. According to Law360, Pennsylvania had a record number of attorney disbarments in 2014 and the rate of suspensions rose 31% during the same period.

       Ironically, Lloyd posted on a social network site recently that in his job "I hear the craziest stories---ones regularly driven by the mores of lust, anger, passion, and envy." Apparently either those mores are contagious, or Lloyd shares them with his client-base.







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