Thursday, December 15, 2016


    While here in the Prozac Nation, schoolteachers send students from class to protest elections---and armed kooks search for missing kids in pizza-parlor basements, the Nigerian Army is actually doing something positive. In a series of surprise attacks in Sambisa Forest, Nigerian forces under the command of General Leo Irabor killed hundreds of Boko Harum terrorists and freed 605 hostages; 450 of whom were children.

    Boko Harum is a Jihadist gang funded and armed by Clinton donors in the Wahhabi-run Gulf States and is said to have been organized by Al-Qaeda in 2009. During the latter half of 2016, Nigerian forces have put the terrorists on the defensive; driving them deeper into the African jungle.

     The terror group made international headlines in 2014 when they raided a girls' school in Chibok, Nigeria and took 276 girls and young women prisoner. The story quickly disappeared from the Corporate Media after the Nigerian Government snubbed Obama's interference and invited in Chinese military advisors and suppliers over the Pentagon.

    Nigerian President Mohammudu Buhari praised the 'intellectual transformation' of Nigerian Military under Chinese instruction at a ceremony the day before the Sambisa Battle. Commander-in-Chief General Tucker Buratai flew to Sambisa to decorate the troops and arrange for the return of the hostages. General Buratai told the African media that he was confident that Boko Harum would be eliminated by mid-2017.

     The Terrorists, though, have left a humanitarian crisis in their wake. Preliminary reports from UNICEF indicate that Boko Harum destroyed 75% of the water and sanitation services and 30% of the hospitals in the Sambisa-Borno Region before retreating. The thugs also looted food supplies, leaving the region at risk for famine.

      Hopefully, with the downfall of the American Neocon/Liberal Establishment, the new Administration will cut off weapons sales to Jihadist Regimes that support these criminal gangs. The Obama/Clinton legacy in foreign policy is written in blood worldwide. 

                                                     Good Men Doing Good Things


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