Wednesday, December 21, 2016


    As sort of an unintended follow-up from yesterday's post; a group of self-described Manly Alpha Leaders among the Manosphere's Red-Pill Cult collectively decided to get into the Christmas Spirit and---to use their own words---word-rape a female blogger who dared criticize one of their writings. The guilty Gamers (so far) are Roosh Valizdeh, Quintus Curtius, and Vox Day, with a number of their fawning acolytes tagging along.

      They've all ganged up for this burst of Alpha outrage on Donna Zuckerberg, sister of the CEO of Facebook. The Red Pills have had a long-standing dislike for Facebook and social media in general; since the owners of these sites are routinely obliged to discipline them for their continual spamming, doxxing, trolling, harassment, and other obnoxious behaviors.

     Donna Zuckerberg wrote a few articles recently expressing some concern about the increasing Nazi rhetoric coming out of the Red Pill Cult, a specimen of which reads:

     "Why have so many White male leaders of communities and websites that used to focus on sex and gender shifted in recent months to Anti-Semitism, White Nationalism, and complaining about the (Jewish) media? In part it is because these men were always grossly bigoted and racist. The outspokenness of the Alt-Right empowered other men to share Anti-Semitic views which they otherwise might have been quiet about. But the Alt-Right was getting a lot of attention. And attention is what these men crave."

      What she said here was a little too close to the truth for the Manospherians, who unleashed a torrent of abuse on her. Roosh and Vox are actually gloating over several of Donna's Twitter posts complaining about the deluge of Anti-Semitic spam, including a few where her face is photo-shopped on a lampshade. 

       Males who engage in this kind of behavior are simply punks. They aren't leaders of men, they are poltroons who pose as leaders. The only reason that they get much attention is because Feminism and Cultural Marxism have so culturally depreciated masculinity that hoods like these can pass themselves off as real men and get away with it. 

        Quintus Curtius, an intellectual pygmy who really started the whole gang-bang against Donna Zuckerberg, wrote a rant under the guise of a rebuttal; the gist of which was that he is more of a man than Donna is. "I am a 48 year old man who has more scars than you will ever have!" he exults to her, "I fought more battles than you will ever fight! While you were mincing around the halls of Princeton, I was leading Marines on Okinawa and East Asia..." and other rather unmasculine braggadocio. As a side note, one wonders what battles Quintus was leading Marines into these regions. Considering that the last battle the Marines fought on Okinawa was in 1945 and the last they fought in SE Asia was in 1974; Quintus seems a bit young to have participated in these. 

        Vox Day gleefully quotes an extract from Roosh's article, showing us all the deep spirituality and masculine courage these two boast of having. Addressed to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, these cowards actually boast that they've somehow gotten to him through his sister:

       "If Mark Zuckerberg is reading this right now, and there's a good chance that he is because his sister bit off more than she could chew, I want him to know that she is now our 'house ho'. Mark, we have raped your sister's mind with our ideas and our vigor. We have so burrowed a hole into her head that not a day goes by without her thinking of our ideology, our arguments, and our words. You can do your worst on Facebook, and hide reality to your heart's content, but you cannot begin to stop us from wounding your own family. What goes around comes around---you've manipulated the minds of millions of people who use Facebook---censoring the truth from them, and now we own the mind of your sister."

        As sinister as this sounds, it's doubtful that Zuckerberg is too worried. Quintus, Vox, and Roosh don't even own their own minds anymore, let alone owning anybody else's. They exhibit such advanced stages of psychological dysfunction with screeds like these, one has to doubt that they actually have it together enough to do more than bluster---like the Internet version of a street bum shouting abuse at random pedestrians.

       The civilized way to handle criticism is by debate: but the Gamers can't defend any of their positions through logical argument. So they take the thug's way of force and intimidation---the very things they project on Mark Zuckerberg.





  1. "Males who engage in this kind of behavior are simply punks."

    LOL! Thank you. I always appreciate the simple directness of men. Punks indeed, punks who pretty much live to prey only on the vulnerable, a lone woman expressing an opinion, or perhaps a Pastor caring for a sick wife.

    Real men are actually out fighting for our country right now. There are some here at home and they spend their time on the internet chasing pedophiles, terrorists, and foreign hackers. If you're going to be "a punk," at least have the decency to pick a real enemy and do something beneficial for society.

    1. Thank you---yes, punks never pick on real enemies or do any beneficial for society. That's what separates them from the Real Men.