Wednesday, December 28, 2016


    The reality that Donald Trump intends to be an elected president representing a united country is finally sinking into the Manosphere's thick skulls. Trump is not really going to be 'a god-emperor ascending to his cherry-blossom throne', turning the Alphas loose to commit ethnic cleansing and subjugating women. The realization of this fact---along with the realization that the Red Pills were completely irrelevant to Trump's election; and that they were out-Gamed by the Corporate Media---is not setting well with the manly Alpha leaders.

     With Trump's inauguration drawing nearer, the Red Pills have begun fighting among themselves in their frustration. A number of them are desperately trying to backpedal and eat their own words; others are trying to slink away; while the more fanatical ones are kicking up quite a fuss.

     The current fracas started when Mike Cernovich, of the Red-Pill blog Danger and Play, decided to organize an event celebrating Trump's victory, and invited popular writer Milo Yiannopoulos to deliver the keynote address. Cernovich made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate any neo-Nazi shenanigans at this event, which has thrown the Red Pill Cult into a frenzy; starting with one of Cernovich's own henchmen, a minor Red Pill writer who calls himself Baked Alaska.

     Baked Alaska---whose real name is Tim Treadstone---launched a social media diatribe against Cernovich, which has been taken up among a number of other Red Pills. Treadstone was exposed as an unsavory character early in the Trump campaign. But he's exactly the sort who seems to be welcomed in Red Pill/Manosphere circles; and became part of Mike Cernovich's team.

      Cernovich has since fired Treadstone over his actions; those interested can read Cernovich's statement at his website. Cernovich actually was well within his rights as employer to terminate Treadstone for this kind of gross insubordination---but it does rather call into question why he would have hired someone like Treadstone in the first place.

      At this point, we're not going to speculate on Cernovich's motives; but he does say something that is instructive: "I've always been clear that if you hate people, then you're not welcome around me. A toxic mindset is not only self-destructive, it poisons the people around you. No groups are off limits from subjects are off limits. Goofing around, even in an edgy or controversial sort of way, isn't the same as goose-stepping. Thus I have a lot of tolerance for goofing off online and don't take much seriously. I don't get triggered or freak out easily. But we all have lines, and Tim crossed them."

     True; and giving Cernovich the benefit of the doubt here, it's commendable that he's woken up to the difference between jocular banter and supremacist propaganda. We'll add to this another lesson: You don't play footsie with fanatics and expect them to respect your boundaries.

      You see, Cernovich, there really are wicked people in this world; and they don't care one way or other whom they use and how they use them to further their goals. That's what the Red Pill philosophy of 'Game' is all about---exploiting others for selfish goals. This is one reason why Nazis are attracted to the Red Pill Cult, as well as dysfunctional individuals like Tim Treadstone.

      We can all hope that, as we enter 2017, that we'll see the Red Pill movement finally implode.




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