Friday, December 16, 2016


      The Israeli Interior Ministry on Tuesday issued a decree recognizing homosexual so-called 'marriages' performed abroad as legal. The Israeli approved such unions among Israeli citizens recently, but the Synagogue refuses to perform them---which, in Israel, is required for legally recognized marriages. The Israeli Interior Ministry lifted the ban on foreign marriages after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of a group called The Gay Fathers Association. Efforts are underway to circumvent the Synagogue's power to block to prevent such unions. Israel's Chief Rabbi was recently mobbed by angry homosexual activists for publically stating the Torah's position on the subject.

     According to Wikipedia: "LGBTQ rights in Israel are the most advanced in the Middle East, and among the most advanced in Asia...Recent polls have indicated that a majority of Israelis support same-sex marriages despite some Social Conservatism. Tel Aviv has frequently been referred to as one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, famous for its annual Pride Parade and gay beach, earning it the nickname 'the gay capital of the Middle East' by Out Magazine."

     Israel, like most Western democracies, is under attack from the Cultural Marxists, despite considerable resistance from the Jewish Synagogue, the traditionalists there are clearly losing ground.

     Now the question has been raised among some concerned commenters recently as to why we here praise and commend governments which do not share the West's commitment to popular democracy or free market economics. Aside from the fact that these commitments largely exist in name only today, the reasons are clear. Countries we have praised like Russia, Syria, China, and Iran are not being held being held up as ideal governments or economic system. They being praised because their policies are policies which the West once stood for and enacted by popular will.

     Yes: China can enact a model-families program today because they are One-Party State with a controlled press. Iran can enact pro-family education in the public schools immediately because the Ayatollahs can rule by decree. Syria can rebuild and protect Christians because Assad is a dictator and can do as he pleases. Russia can promote faith and family because---despite being a democracy with a free press---Putin's party dominates all opposition numerically.

     The obvious weakness in all of these systems is that all it takes is one madman to seize control of the reins of power and all of these good deeds can be erased and the countries placed under a Reign of Terror. In fact, all four countries named above experienced that very thing during the 20th Century. There is no system of checks and balances in any of them---with the arguable exception of Russia.

     Yet the governments in these four countries are popular, while we in the West are deeply divided and few Westerners trust or respect their government. And this is where the issue lies. The US and Western countries should have social and economic policies---enacted by popular will---that are models for countries like ones named above, and not the other way around.

     When we examine the example of Israel compared to Iran what do we see? A nation's religious leaders and sexual anarchists fighting over the legal definition of marriage in Israel and a nation's religious leaders enacting public education programs to fight homosexuality and divorce in Iran. Honestly now: which scenario would we rather see in America? It is a point worth remembering that there has never been a Christian-owned bakery closed in Iran for refusing to cater a gay wedding---ever.

     This is not to argue, as the press in the above-named countries often do, that America would be better if it were ruled by the United Russia Party, the Baathists, the Communist Party of China, or if it became an Islamic Republic. The fact is, that we used to promote the values of Democracy and Christianity worldwide without dictatorships, or theocracies, or decrees. What we have lost as a nation---as has most of the West---the moral standing to criticize any of these countries. Because however flawed their systems of government and economics are, they are not only beating us badly economically, militarily, in education, and scientific achievement: they are actually displacing the West from its moral high-ground. Nature abhors a vacuum; and when we, as a people---and the people are ultimately the rulers in the West---stop leading by example, then the world is naturally going to look at whatever virtues they see in alternative systems.

      It is useless to talk about Making America Great Again or American Exceptionalism if there is no popular will to be great or exceptional again. Absent popular will to do these things, it really doesn't make any difference what form of government we live under. For nearly 30 years now, we have posed as a great nation without actually being one. The current generation has chosen to rest on the laurels of its forefathers and let our government, media, schools, courts, military, and economic system fall into the hands of bandits.

     The Trump Administration has a popular mandate to change some of these things; but the change is going to have to start from the ground up. We can't sit back and expect Trump and his team to do everything. We can prove once again to the world that our system works; but we have to make it so; that includes all Western democracies, including Israel.


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