Tuesday, December 27, 2016


     The numbers are officially in for the 2016 US Christmas season, which were at all-time highs. Not the sales receipts, or the numbers of those travelling home; but 2016 is the most violent Christmas ever recorded in the Prozac Nation.

    It was somewhat ironic, given that Obama had been feeding unsubstantiated rumors of Christmas terrorist attacks to the Corporate Media for weeks. And then, in the end, Americans managed to commit all the chaos and mayhem without any outside help. The numbers were strongly augmented by a wave of violence in shopping malls on Monday, hitting a dozen states and resulting in many injuries and arrests.

    In Elizabeth, NJ hysterical Ameroboobs stampeded through a mall after a false report of gunshots, injured 10 people, and pushed police to the ground who were attempting to enter and investigate. A similar incident happened in North Carolina after a fight broke out in a food court.

    Brawls involving several hundred people erupted in Fort Worth, Texas; Aurora, Illinois; Denver, Colorado; Tempe, Arizona; Manchester, Connecticut; and Monroeville, Pennsylvania. Police were forced to dispel a crowd with pepper-spray and rubber-bullets in a Cleveland area mall, while other violent incidents were reported in New York City and Memphis.

    There were also several homicides during the weekend---Chicago reported its deadliest weekend ever with 11 dead and 60 wounded. Some police departments also reported a spike in suicides and traffic fatalities.

     What is the cause behind all this mayhem? The Corporate Media is scapegoating social networking sites; though as we've pointed out here recently, there's been quite a dearth of positive and uplifting Christmas stories in the American press vis-à-vis their foreign counterparts. Some right-wing bloggers and websites have noted that the rioters are predominantly minorities---but such is the demographics of many US cities.

      The one thing that stands out is one we've seen almost without fail in cases of mass violence: they are predominantly young males. In a culture where masculinity is demeaned and ostracized; male role models are depreciated and fathers are absent; opportunities for men restricted and corruption and nepotism is rewarded---then these kinds of scenes are inevitable.

      Just as it is inevitable that a boy will react violently against an abusive father, it is inevitable that boys will react against an abusive father-substitute in paternal absence. This substitute can take many forms: the Church, the State, the Police, or society at large. The effete white boys burning flags on elite college campuses and the black militants shooting police officers share this common hatred. And the phenomenon has no political orientation unique to it: Neo-Nazis and Red Pills on the Right follow the same dynamic, as do groups as politically opposite as militant homosexuals and Wahhabi Jihadists.

     Those Cultural Marxists and Postmodernists who've argued that things like the traditional family and traditional religious cultural values are simply "artificial social constructs" have been teaching an illusion. Nature will take its course, every time. And what we're witnessing here is human nature bereft of the civilizing influences of family, faith, and respect for community.

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