Wednesday, December 14, 2016


    Former Russian President Boris Yeltsin was one of the first world leaders to address the international crisis of declining families. The policies were greatly expanded during Vladimir Putin's first term and have resulted in a drastic turnaround in Russia. Among Putin's reforms were calling for a 'family ideal' of two parents and three children---backed by economic incentives and suppression of homosexual provocateurs.

    Russia's program has been so successful that many countries---at least those outside of the effete West--- have begun to copy it. This Summer, the Ayatollah Khamenei issued a 16-point decree binding the Iranian Government to pursue an aggressive pro-family policy, especially to fight the 'epidemic' of divorce in Iran. It should be noted that what the Ayatollahs consider a divorce epidemic is a divorce rate 60% lower than the US. Yet our Elites consider Iran an unstable society and a threat to world peace.

     China too has come to realize that stable families are the foundation of a stable society. Xi Jinping's Administration long ago abandoned the failed One Child Policy and has followed Russia's example of building family values. In 2015 Xi inaugurated a pilot program as an ancillary to the new pro-family laws under which Chinese citizens compete in an annual contest to select 'a model family' as an example to the nation. This year's winners were announced in Beijing yesterday.

     Xinhua News reported that Xi greeted 300 families who were selected by provincial governors to participate. Xinhua reported that "The ceremony was the first of its kind to honor model families selected nationwide. The 300 model families were awarded for displaying characteristics of patriotism, observing the law, ethics, harmony, professional spirit, thrift, and commitment to public well-being." Han Shigou and his wife Zhang Ming, both elementary schoolteachers, won the prize.

      In the awards speech, President Xi stated that, "People from all walks of life should work towards a new trend in Chinese family values: featuring love for the nation, their family, and for one another. Families should display a devotion to progress and kindness and exemplify mutual growth and sharing."

     Xi also called upon the ruling Party to "increase efforts to enhance virtue and civility in Chinese families; as they are the most important foundation for national progress, development, and social harmony...Traditional family values have always been engraved on the minds and mixed with the blood of the Chinese people."

     When was the last time an American President dared show his face at a ceremony celebrating traditional values---let alone actually sponsoring one? American politicians cower in fear of the Gay Mafia, Abortion Mills, Radical Feminists and other sexual anarchists who hate the traditional family and work for its overthrow. Not so Chinese Media and Academia, however.

    Zhi Zhinfeng, a professor of law at China's Academy of Social Sciences told the Party newspaper The Global Times: "Nontraditional families such as single parents, empty-nesters, childless couples, and homosexuals threaten our national values. The Party has to bear responsibility for building and protecting traditional values. Party members and officials also need to reflect these high standards, otherwise laws are useless."

     Once again, American policy-makers and cultural elites are obliged to bow down in disgraced shame before China. Our massive divorce rates, broken homes, drug-addiction and dysfunction among the young; our dumbed-down schools; and celebrations of perverted lifestyles make us look like moral pygmies in the shadow of China---a country which only a few years ago was experiencing severe demographic crises. Like Russia, China is on the way to turning things around. Hopefully, under the new Administration, America will turn things around as well.

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