Saturday, December 10, 2016


   Earlier this week, Pope Francis spoke out once again about abuses in the Corporate Media. This has displeased the egomaniacs in the Manosphere's Alt-Right, who get lots of free publicity from Big Media; and actually endorse many of the same Cultural Marxist agendas as the MSM. Among the perversions they mutually share is a hatred for traditional Christianity.

   Red Pill Cult blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer went so far as to accuse the Pope of being a pervert. This is nothing new from the Far Right; their anti-Catholicism runs as deep as their anti-Semitism. They're all great worshippers of Donald Trump too---Trump's Catholic Vice-President and Jewish son-in-law to the contrary notwithstanding.

   Anglin is distressed because Francis compared Anglin's pals in the MSM to those suffering from a mental condition attracting them to human feces. Most of us probably agree that both the Corporate Media and Manosphere bloggers seem to enjoy wallowing in the most disgusting and repulsive stories available; but Anglin sees no problem with this. In fact, the same day, he also posted an articled titled, How to be a Nigger on Twitter in which he encourages his disciples to troll Twitter posing as Blacks. Such are Anglin's standards of media ethics.

   To attack Francis, Anglin cites an article in USA Today, hardly an unbiased source given that Francis was criticizing Media outlets just like theirs. Anglin throws up his hands in pious horror that "the Pope appears to have compared 'fake news' to eating poop." The extract from Francis' speech Anglin cites says nothing about 'fake news' but about spreading disinformation and scandalmongering.

   So is Andrew Anglin arguing that disinformation and scandalmongering are legitimate ways to broadcast the news? In an article bashing Catholic schools (this time relying on The Washington Post as a source), the Daily Stormer has this to say regarding a lawsuit involving a racial incident at a Catholic school:

   "The only reason that clerics behave this way is because they fear Jews more than they fear Whites. It's time for that to change!" This after the same writer had accused Catholic Schools of taking bribes in the form of tuition to keep white students away from minorities.

    This once demonstrates that the Alt-Right is not Conservative; nor are they traditionalists in any sense of the word. Their only real objection to Political Correctness is that the Cultural Marxists have a monopoly on it. Otherwise, they're perfectly content engaging in the same kinds of hatred.

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