Wednesday, December 7, 2016


    Michael Flynn, Jr., the son of Trump's nominee for NSA chief, was unceremoniously booted off the presidential staff for defending Comet Pizzeria attacker, Edgar Welch. Flynn has been drawing criticism for his support of Pizzagate for the past few weeks; but the final straw came when Flynn said of Welch's arrest:

      "Until Pizzagate is proven false, it will remain a story. The Left seems to forget the Podesta e-mails and many coincidences tied to it."

       Welch arrived at the Comet Pizzeria armed with an M-16 and has told investigators that his intent was to rescue children allegedly held prisoner in tunnels said to be under the pizzeria.

        As for Flynn, he should understand that under American Law, the burden of proof is on the accuser.

        Let us get a grip on reality here. Comet Pizzeria is less than 5 miles from the White House. Government officials who go there have all undergone FBI background checks. Obama has been to Comet himself, with his entourage of Secret Service agents. Now whenever the President of the United States visits a locale like this, the Secret Service shows up long before he does, and goes over the building with a fine-toothed comb. And yes, they do collect names of employees and vet them first. And we're to believe that somehow all of the criminal activity at Comet escaped the US Secret Service's notice.

        The Comet Pizzeria is also just a little further away from FBI headquarters. Presumably, FBI agents have eaten there. FBI agents who routinely investigate child sex-trafficking rings and Satanic cults. And they noticed nothing

        Consider too the number of times that our Government's databases have been hacked. Edward Snowden revealed extensive NSA domestic espionage. We should assume that NSA would be fully aware of Comet's alleged criminal activities, yet Snowden has never said anything about it. Not just internal hacking, but we know that foreign governments have breached sensitive databases. Why wouldn't Russian or Chinese Intelligence expose Pizzagate? Yet the media in both countries dismiss the story as 'fake news'.

        In fact, not even the North Korean media has reported on Pizzagate and that speaks volumes: that the North Korean government considers the story too incredible even for anti-American propaganda purposes. 

        This is why Trump did the right thing in firing Flynn. Men like this who believe online conspiracy theories over international intelligence services are a positive danger if they're anywhere sensitive national security systems. This is further a positive sign that Trump is distancing himself from elements of the Far Right.


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