Monday, December 26, 2016


     Another Christmas has passed worldwide, and in our last few articles we've been highlighting how cultures with the true spirit of Christmas have been celebrating. In fact, the readers should check out China's Xinhua News, which has a series of photos from all across the globe of Christmas celebrations---unlike the Corporate Media which focuses on negativity and political correctness even on the holiest of holidays.

     However, as we've also contrasted in recent articles, our Postmodern dystopia here in the Prozac Nation frequently lives down to the Corporate Media's annual expectations. Whackos on the Left publically made scenes in front of the Trump family and bullied communities into removing Christmas displays. Whackos on the Right were organizing Skinhead marches against Jewish girls and doxxing them online. And so on.

     And the so-called Cultural Elites have been busy too; for example, praising the murder of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey. On Christmas Day, the Elites gave us another display of their character. Drexel University Political Science Professor George Ciccariello-Maher took to Twitter to fantasize about the genocide of the White race. This professor said and meant literal genocide. He later clarified his remarks by praising the ethnic cleansing of Whites which occurred during the 1803 Haitian Revolution.

     What kind of sick mind reflects warmly on mass-murder on Christmas Day? In today's America it qualifies one to be a published author, tenured professor at an elite university, and an oft-quoted political pundit. A self-described Communist, Maher is also a huge admirer of Venezuela's political system and believes that Hugo Chavez established the model society for the West.

      The fact that Maher himself is a white man---who has publically referred to White Devils, and advocated abolishing the White race---illustrates clearly that the man is an obvious neurotic. He even claimed after the Charleston mass-shooting of a Black church that the killer "simply put into practice what most White Americans would do;" another obvious psychological projection.

       To its credit, Drexel University actually issued a public statement on Christmas Day, disavowing and denouncing Maher's remarks and indicating that he would be summoned before University Administration "to discuss the matter in detail." Hopefully, Drexel will take some concrete action; but the fact that they have tolerated Maher for so long, given him a public venue, and paid him a fat salary for so long speaks very ill of Drexel's commitment to the public good. Drexel Law Professor David Cohen was also in the news this year, calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment.

      Incidentally, the price tag to attend Drexel starts out at a hefty $52,000 per year. The price is high considering that Forbes Magazine ranks Drexel a dismal #338 on their annual list of 500 Top US Colleges. In the past, Drexel was one of America's most elite universities and has a fair number of distinguished alumni. However, since the 21st Century began, Drexel has produced few graduates of any note. A green-energy entrepreneur; a writer of Asian cookbooks; and a sex columnist are all that Drexel has managed to produce in roughly 20 years.

      And with faculty like Maher, it's no wonder.




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