Monday, December 19, 2016


     How many of us still remember Obama's Pivot to Asia? This was a foreign policy shift that occurred largely after Obama's disastrous failures in the Middle East and his restarting the Cold War with Russia through his sheer incompetence and arrogance. The Pivot to Asia wasn't much different and ended just as ignobly as the others: leaving China the dominant power in the Pacific.

     Obama had nearly pushed China to the very brink of WW3 with his continual provocations in the South China Sea in June. Six months later, his once-swaggering Pentagon saber-rattlers are obliged to bow before the Chinese Dragon and beg with their rumps in the air for the return of a deep-sea drone.

     A Chinese patrol boat captured the drone on Thursday after the captain's suspicions were raised about its purposes. The drone was allegedly part of a NOAA research project carried out from Subic Bay in The Philippines, according to Captain Jeff Davis, a spokesman for the LGBTQ-friendly Pentagon. Chinese suspicions were further raised when Filipino Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana publically stated that he had never been informed of the US deploying undersea drones from Subic Bay.

      China determined that they would return the drone after their Military Intelligence had an opportunity to inspect it further. This led to an angry outburst from the Obama Administration and from Senate RINOs. "This brazen provocation fits the pattern of increasingly unstable Chinese behavior," thundered Senator McCain, "And this behavior will continue until met with a strong and determined US response!"

      Definitely harsh words over a device that the Pentagon claims is commercially available for around $150,000 and, according to them, was part of a non-classified project to map ocean currents. Nonetheless, the effete Peter Cook of the Pentagon press corps told the Corporate Media that: "Using appropriate government-to-government channels, the Department of Defense has called upon China to return an unmanned underwater vehicle that China unlawfully seized and return it in compliance with international law." So much for the 'robust response' McCain had called for.

      This isn't the first time that China has intercepted and inspected an underwater drone, but it is the first time that the Pentagon and Corporate Media have raised a public outcry over it. This fact was noted by Li Je, a Chinese military spokesman, who added that "the drone that we seized on Thursday is newer and more advanced than the oceanographic drones we have encountered before; and might carry sensitive information just collected in the South China Sea. This is why the US is so nervous and employed the media to hype it up this time. The US is aware that such spying activity is inappropriate."

        This incident illustrates why we need professional men in the military and intelligence fields again. As if China was really going to be fooled by spy drone disguised as a research vessel! Our Pentagon apparently believes that no military in history has ever disguised spy equipment as a scientific apparatus before. The fact that there were more drones in the area and that the Chinese seized this one in particular indicates that they were probably monitoring it for some time. 

        Song Zhongping, a military analyst who comments for China's Phoenix TV, stated that  drones of this type easily can be altered for espionage purposes. "For military purposes, the drone can gather hydrological intelligence about salinity, temperature, and the ocean currents. More importantly, it can also gather military intelligence about the movement of submarines."

       Thus concludes (hopefully) Obama's Pivot to Asia. In six months, Obama has managed to be snubbed at Pacific conferences; driven Japan to seek reconciliation with Russia; can't control a vassal he installed in The Philippines; saw the South Korean government overthrown; driven former allies into China's orbit; caused riots on Okinawa; and now is obliged to grovel in front of China after blundering a routine security operation.

       And the Corporate Media is more concerned that Trump misspelled a word commenting on the whole affair. We could use some professionals in the media again, too.

                                              "Time to Flush the Obama Navy"

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