Thursday, December 29, 2016


    The outgoing president today whipped up some further anti-Russian hysteria today by fanning the fake news of Russian interference in the election. He imposed a series of sanctions on Russia to make the fake news appear more official. To this end, he was joined by the usual chorus of RINOs: the senile Senator John McCain, and the corrupt Lindsay Graham and Paul Ryan.

     After the US military fled Iraq in 2014, Senator Graham predicted that ISIS would take over the Middle East and become a superpower. He even went so far as issue paranoid public statements to the effect that ISIS would be invading South Carolina. After the Russians intervened in Syria, Graham was forced to eat crow and has hated Putin ever since. Ryan's largest donors are Wall Street investment firms who benefit from sanctions and some corporations who've excluded from doing business in Russia. Ryan's various PACs control about $97 million from special interests. He has a personal net worth of around $8 million----impressive considering that his salary as House Speaker is only a little over $220,000.

    Graham, too, is not exactly financially disinterested in Russia sanctions. His largest donor, Scana Corporation, is a competitor in foreign markets with Russian energy companies. Two of his other top five donors are defense contractors; and another is a top corporate law firm representing DC lobbyists.

    Obama's motives, though, are more likely political ones. Since November 9th, the Democrats have tried every sleazy tactic that their imaginations could suggest to de-legitimize Trump's election; and this is simply the latest. Ever since the Radical Left hijacked the Democratic Party in 1972, this has been their standard procedure. They used Watergate against Nixon; Iran-Contra against Reagan; and claimed voter fraud twice against Bush Junior. Even after their first failed attempt to seize the DNC in 1968, the Left retaliated by sabotaging the Democrat leaders: first, the incumbent Lyndon Johnson and then the nominee, Hubert Humphrey. Obama is a product of that very same group of perennial Leftist malcontents.

      The second reason behind the anti-Russia hysteria is to discredit pre-emptively any revelations of Obama Administration crimes in Syria, which, as we've predicted, will start coming to light as the Civil War terminates in Allied victory. Just a few days ago, Obama signed into law a Bill establishing a new bureaucracy that will disseminate disinformation against news coming from Russia and other powers allied with them. Not surprisingly, RINOs McCain, Graham, and Ryan backed this legislation as well.

      Their schemes ultimately, though, will fail. Russia has become an international force for freedom and justice and the US Neocon/Liberal Establishment is wholly discredited. Obama and the Democrats have essentially shot their last bolt. Three weeks from now, they will be out of power; hopefully along with their failed policies.

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