Sunday, December 25, 2016


     The heroic Edward Snowden, now a refugee in Russia, sent out a Christmas Day appeal to his followers on Twitter. Remembering the kindness shown him in China when he first escaped the clutches of the vindictive Obama, Snowden asked for charitable assistance for the refugee families in Hong Kong who'd helped him in his flight.

    A Filipino and a Sri Lankan family both sheltered Snowden in Hong Kong before he was granted asylum in Russia. The families are currently seeking asylum in Canada as China is bound by treaty with their native countries not to accept them as permanent refugees.

     Their Canadian attorney, Robert Tibbo, has been suffering bureaucratic stonewalling on this project---doubtless because of US pressure on Canada. Tibbo's clients not only aided Snowden, but Tibbo himself gave Snowden legal advice. But the cases suddenly became reactivated, about a month after Trump's election.

     Tibbo explained that his clients are nearly destitute in Hong Kong, being unable legally to work or apply for government assistance. Again we see the brutality of the American elites. Over and over again, they have displayed a ruthless savagery toward all who oppose them---even if it means starvation and death.

     Those who would like to make a Christmas (or New Years) contribution to Snowden's fellow-freedom fighters can find more information here:

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