Sunday, December 4, 2016


    The US Agribusiness Cartel Corporation, Kellogg's was the subject of a boycott and some other controversies here in the Prozac Nation. The Corporation decided last week to end its advertising contract with Breitbart News, to which Breitbart responded with a boycott campaign.

    Breitbart also ran a story this weekend, exposing the fact that Kellogg Foundation---the Corporation's charitable arm---gave $930,000 to Black Lives Matter. It's somewhat peculiar that Breitbart never bothered to expose this detail while Kellogg's was an advertiser, but we will speak of this later.

    Besides the BLM anarchists, the Kellogg Foundation's website lists some other interesting current grant recipients:

      The Poverty and Race Research Action Council: $600,000.

      The Haas Institute, UC Berkeley: $1,125,000. This taxpayer-funded college institute currently features anti-Trump articles on its webpage. UCB Professor John Powell, Haas' Director, tweeted yesterday, "Powerful movements have always understood that strategy has to include plans to capture the instruments of government." Powell makes about $440,000 as a law professor at UCB. He once was an advisor to the Communist government of Mozambique.

      The NAACP: $1,867,000.

      La Raza: $2,400,000.

      The National Urban League: $1,733,334.

       Race Forward: $2,400,000. Front-group for the Center for Racial Justice Innovation. Headed by Rinku Sen, a 'community activist' who pressured the Corporate Media to stop mentioning immigrants' legal statuses in news reports. Michell Speight, the Director of Programs, is a pro-abortion activist.

        PICO: $2,133,334. One of George Soros' front-organizations.

       The ACLU: $1,000,000.

        Plus several other smaller grants to similar 'worthy causes'. The Kellogg Company spent $1,380,000 in political lobbying in 2016. The Company CEO is an Australian national named John Bryant. Bryant publically joked after the Breitbart controversy that cereal mascot 'Tony the Tiger' was pansexual and consider gender reassignment surgery for him. Some may remember that Bryant also used Tony the Tiger in the Wear Your Stripes with PRIDE campaign. Kellogg's was a huge supporter of homosexual marriage.

        While the pervert Bryant may be politically-correct here; Amnesty International has complained that Kellogg's leading supplier of palm oil uses forced and child labor; and has exposed workers to Paraquat (a very toxic herbicide). Kellogg's stated that since the labor is carried out by subcontractors, they are not responsible.

       John Bryant makes $9,000,000 a year as Kellogg's CEO to oversee all of these dubious activities. A typical specimen of the degenerate American 'Elite'; Bryant sprays children with Paraquat on one hand and pushes homosexuality on them with the other.

        What is really troubling about this controversy seems not so much that Kellogg's withdrew advertising from Breitbart; but that Breitbart accepted advertising from Kellogg's, knowing what they are and what they are doing. Breitbart only reported the Black Lives Matter donations: and even then, only after Kellogg's withdrew as advertiser. Everything that we added to the story in this post took about an hour to research and the main sources were Wikipedia, Kellogg's own websites, Forbes Magazine, and publically disclosed records and public statements made by some of the principals involved.

         And Breitbart is now calling for a Kellogg's boycott and their editor-in-chief complains that the company is 'waging war' against Breitbart News. Well, Kellogg's seems to have been waging a 'culture war' for some time, and Breitbart was quite content to look the other way while Kellogg's was stuffing cash into Breitbart's pockets.

          This is not to say that Bryant and Kellogg's were innocent either. They were perfectly happy to put their politically-correct activism on the back-burner and advertise with Breitbart when Trump's popularity was soaring during the election. Now that Trump has been elected, Breitbart won't have the same numbers as during the campaign; so now Kellogg's plays the offended Liberals.

         This disgusting episode illustrates clearly everything that is wrong with the American Media. Everything hinges on the bottom line and the smart boys' ability to capitalize on news instead of pursuing truth.


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