Tuesday, December 6, 2016


      Well, maybe 'desecration' is a mild way of putting it. Shiite militias engaged in the Battle of Mosul captured an ISIS bomb-factory where they discovered several copies the Koran modified to serve as booby-traps. The infuriated soldiers turned the evidence over to Hezbollah---with whom they're affiliated---and Hezbollah reported the outrage on Lebanese television. Here is what one of the deactivated devices look like:

        They are designed to explode when the Islamic Holy Book is opened. Hezbollah reported that Iraqi forces had found such devices previously in the 2015 Battle of Tikrit, but hadn't released the information for security reasons. Iraqi sappers reported recently that they had also discovered booby-trapped toys intended to kill children in liberated districts of Mosul.

        The US Corporate Media engaging in nonstop Trump-bashing and supporting elements who want the Election results overturned, take note. Hilary Clinton made such activities possible for ISIS. But we are talking about people who riot in the streets, threaten Trump properties, and make death-threats against Electoral College members; so Clinton supporters probably see little wrong with ISIS' methods.

        We speak a lot on this site about the danger of cults and radicalized fanatics. This kind of story exemplifies the nadir of human depravity to which such movements ultimately lead. ISIS' stated goal is to save Islamic Civilization and create a new Islamic Order; and they end by building bombs designed to kill Moslems and their children. There is obviously no strategic value in planting devices of these kinds. These are acts motivated by sheer hatred and a desire to exact revenge on innocents who reject ISIS' fanaticism.

        We see the same level of hatred among fanatics in our own country; and that fanaticism is not limited to Wahhabi Jihadists. Purportedly Christian writings---mostly spread throughout the Manosphere---are salted with lurid and violent fantasies among their comments sections aimed at women, Jews, Blacks, and others. We came close to a violent incident on Sunday over the whole Pizzagate controversy.

         This is why we as a society have to take such radicals seriously---whether politically or religiously veneered; hatred is the underlying and unifying dynamic between them all. Just because some have not engaged in violence, groups like ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the BLM Anarchists, the Satanic Mexican Drug Cartels---all demonstrate that the capacity for violence is present among such people and liable to break out whenever and wherever there are numbers of them and access to weaponry is available.

         In a free society, we always walk a tightrope between the freedom for political radicals and religious cults to exist; and the need to safeguard our liberties from such groups' intentions to overthrow them. The Corporate Media and some opportunistic politicians are calling for censorship in the wake of the Pizzagate attack. Censorship is not the way: public involvement is. Public involvement certainly can (and should) include responsible corporate venues voluntarily suppressing radicalism, as has happened recently on Twitter and Reddit. But it's not the job of the government---it's the job of the people. The Government only gets involved when things have gone too far and pizza parlors are attacked; nightclubs are shot up; and police are ambushed, etc. 

      It is a peculiar psychological trait among radicalized that government censorship has the opposite of its intended effect. Radicals are typically paranoid among their mental problems; and censorship almost invariably convinces them that the government, or some other group, is suppressing the 'truth'. Prior to the Civil War, Jihadist propaganda was heavily suppressed and censored in Syria---which only convinced the Wahhabi Cult that the Syrian Government was 'covering up' for anti-Islamic interests. Even now, the threat of censorship in the US has many on the Alt-Right seriously claiming that Edgar Welch's attack on the Comet Pizzeria was a false-flag to cover up the 'truth' about Pizzagate.

     The more that radicals actually are free to say, the more warning that the public has against their psychopathic tendencies. Free speech works both ways; being aware of them and being free to denounce and expose them are the reason we don't have things like Aleppo or Mosul happening in our own country.  

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