Saturday, December 24, 2016


    Pope Francis announced yesterday that around $7 million dollars in humanitarian aid would be dispatched from the Vatican this Christmas to the beleaguered Donbas region. This sum is a part of a larger fund which will be distributed later in 2017. The Papal Christmas present is expected to reach 2 million people.

    Donbas is the common name of two independent countries: the Republic of Lughansk and the Donetsk Republic. Both are states created by Ukrainian patriots who seceded from the central regime in Kiev after a 2014 US-backed putsch overthrew the legal Ukrainian government.

    Pope Francis launched the relief project for Donbas last April throughout all European dioceses. The Pope learned from refugees the hardships that the newly-independent countries were facing; largely because of US/EU sanctions imposed by the brutal Obama. The Donbas Region is second only to Syria as a destination for Russian humanitarian aid as well. The Vatican stated that the overall plan will eventually encompass necessities such as food, housing, medicine, and hygiene on a reliable basis.

   "The Holy Father's 'Initiative for Ukraine' is intended to show the love and care of the Catholic Church to the war-weary population." reported the organizers of the plan "The Papal assistance should be their rays of joy; and instill hope that their brothers and sisters in Europe have not forgotten them."

    The Pope understands; and sees the bigger picture unlike the servile European presidents who bow slavishly to the Beltway and turn a blind eye to the sufferings of their fellow-man. Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and John Kerry have been especially ruthless with their use of economic sanctions and trade embargoes as a political weapon. And worse still is the complicity of the US Corporate Media in these crimes---who diligently keep the humanitarian disasters our government has caused out of public sight.

     In fact, the Media Cartels are quick even to criticize relief efforts to Donbas. Russia has sent over 2,000 tons of aid to the region---which is always denounced by the MSM as a 'pretext for invasion' or with similar yellow-journalist smear-tactics. But this kind of behavior is to be expected in today's Corporate Media; where outlets like The New York Daily News praise the assassination of Russian diplomats, or Daily Kos, which gloats over the prospect of low-income Trump voters losing public assistance. The so-called Cultural Elite in the US has proven itself time and again to behave more callously than the most primitive savages.

       Christian leaders like Pope Francis and President Putin, however, are standing up for the values that American Elites once displayed. Because of their efforts, untold millions have not only been saved, but given hope for the future as well.
      The Papal Nuncio to Donbas, Archbishop Guggerati,  stated to the press that the Pope is considering a future visit to Donbas, possibly some time in 2017.


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