Sunday, December 4, 2016


     This was bound to happen. On Sunday, a crackpot with a shady past walked into Comet Pizzeria with an M-16, shot a few holes in the floor and was caught by DC Police. Fortunately, no one was hurt. The suspect claimed to be demanding answers to the so-called Pizzagate Scandal.

     Just as predictably, the Corporate Media is calling for the 1st Amendment to be nullified (usually in such cases, it's the 2nd Amendment they attack; but currently freedom of the press is a greater threat to Media vested interests). The Corporate Media employs the fake news meme anywhere from one to a dozen times per article covering the story. But the Corporate Media have proven themselves repeatedly to be unscrupulous blackguards who'll exploit any opportunity to enrich themselves or advance an agenda.

      We had an article just a few days ago giving our thoughts on the Pizzagate story. While the people alleged to be participating in some of the crimes attributed to them are certainly capable of such despicable acts, we found nothing beyond circumstantial evidence that they actually engaged in them. No one seems to know how, where, when, or by whom this story originated: but given that James Alefantis and David Brock---both notorious Democrat Establishment operatives---were in the middle of this story, it's probably a more plausible theory to assume that they instigated it themselves.

     The gunman is also a fairly typical specimen of the people involved in incidents of these sorts: a male Millenial with a history of substance abuse and a graduate of American public schools. But we shouldn't expect any investigations anytime soon about how and why our young men are being radicalized at such an alarming rate.

     No, instead the Corporate Media---the greatest purveyors of fake news on the globe---will be demanding curtailment on free speech. The contemporary Corporate Media has no aversion to censoring its competitors. Obama was able to repeal the Anti-Propaganda Act of 1948, and engage in NSA spying without so much as a whisper of protest from the Corporate Media.

      Censorship will not prevent incidents like these any more than Gun Control would have. It is a sad testimony to the moral weakness of our culture that the issue is even debatable. But Censorship is a viable solution to a population that prefers happy-pills, safe-spaces, and hate-free zones to the risks of free thought and robust living. A crackpot believed a false story, threatened people with a weapon, and now he's in jail. That would happen in a censored culture, too; the difference being that we wouldn't read about them; or be allowed to discuss them even if we did. In fact, some countries where the media is most heavily controlled have very high rates of violent crime and numerous radical groups operating within them.

        We cannot rely on the Government---and even less on Wall Street---to spoon-feed us information as if were Kellogg's cereal and remain a free people. The Government can do a few proactive things: mostly repealing Clinton, Bush, and Obama-era laws that have resulted in so much media malpractice. They could also reinstate the Anti-Propaganda Act and start enforcing laws against libel, sedition, and slander for a change. But ultimately, it's up to the people to police themselves and what they hear and see. The Corporate Media merely wants a monopoly on fake news, not the suppression of such stories.

       The fact that the Corporate Media is using Pizzagate as an excuse to attack their competitors instead of investigating the story, lends even more suspicion that they are complicit in spreading the allegations for their own insidious purposes. James Alefantis told the New York Times afterwards that:

      "What happened today demonstrates that promoting false and reckless conspiracy theories comes with consequences. I hope that those involved in fanning those flames will take a moment to contemplate what happened here today and stop promoting these falsehoods right away."

       They should; but actually, Mr. Alefantis, you should consider that your friends in places like the New York Times have spent the last three decades fanning flames of reckless conspiracy theories. Sleazy Corporate Media coverage of ritual abuse hysteria; alleged celebrity child-sex rings; lurid reports of child-murders; the over-hyped Catholic priest molestation scandals; etc., have produced a population psychologically primed to imagine that paedophiles are hiding behind every rock and tree; and that any business, like yours, that caters to children ought to be suspect.

       Think about those consequences, Mr. Alefantis. And ask your Liberal friends about them too.









  1. I think what concerns me about radicalizing young men, is that they haven't learned about the rule of law and how to channel their aggression. Worse, they've lost their trust in the entire legal process. In a civilized world you encounter something like pizza-gate and you turn it all over to the FBI.

    The nature of the radicalizing that is going on now however, convinces the foolish that society has broken down and it plays off men's biological pull to be heroes trying to "save Western civilization." Or if you are an Islamic terrorist, to destroy it. You see this common theme in far left rioters, in BLM, and on the far right, too. I don't want to see censorship either, but I do wish people on the alt-right and the manosphere, and assorted other keyboard warriors, would become aware of this problem and actually promote the rule of law, stop making people feel as if they are ostracized and alone, abandoned by the entire system and civilization itself. I must also place a whole lot of responsibility on the media and our politicians for fueling these fires, for eagerly pursing so many stories that imply society really is on the brink of collapse. Our public school system too, disgraceful to allow children to walk out in protest, as if our election had been stolen.

    So heroes, the alt-right, the reddit crowd, the 'Sperians, they all have an opportunity here to be heroes, to start teaching young men about honor, about the rule of law, about community and civilization, because they sure aren't getting that education anywhere else. You can't protect the world from every fool out here, but we sure could reduce the amount of misery by replacing these cultian tactics of isolation and conspiracy theories with the idea of promoting male honor and respect for the legal process.

    Sigh. Thanks for letting me lament.

    1. Your welcome, and you make some great points. I'm going to write some further thoughts on them in the next article.

  2. One thing that confuses me about this whole thing. Recently I watched a documentary called "Who Took Johnny". That incident also lead to many conspiracy theories. The weird thing, is that many major news outlets covered it back then...

    That headline comes from a REAL news source - not a "fake" one either...

    What changed exactly???

    1. Thank you for the link---I'd completely forgotten about that story. Well, back when newspapers still cost 25 cents, the Corporate Media as we know it today didn't yet exist. The Fairness Doctrine and the Anti-Propaganda Act was still in force and Clinton hadn't repealed laws pertaining to conflicts-of-interest and monopolistic practices. There wasn't any such thing as 'Infotainment' at least not at the MSM level.

      I don't deny that deviant sex rings exist at high levels, as Dr. Rookh Kshatriya has pointed out, the Anglosphere is rife with this kind of thing. Thousands of women and children go missing and are never found---like when Boko Harum recently kidnapped an entire girls' school---and where do they go? My suspicion is that (many but not all) are trafficked to wealthy Western degenerates who probably employ corrupt but efficient private security firms to keep them off the FBI and Interpol's radar. Sometimes, like in the 'Fat Leonard' Scandal, they get caught in relation to another investigation, but rarely---look how the Navy is covering up the sex-slave angle of that case. And there were revelations from WikiLeaks about things like this happening in Afghanistan.

      My suspicion is that Adelfantis and Brock know people involved in these kinds of activities and salted the Pizzagate story in the media to discredit pre-emptively any real stories that the Trump Administration might start exposing.