Wednesday, December 21, 2016


    Today in the Prozac Nation, the Austin Travis County Integral Care Center in Austin, Texas became the latest in a collection of public entities to clamp down on free speech and ban employees from saying Merry Christmas in front of patients. This kind of reactionary policy is something of a New Normal in the effete Postmodern United States; today it was also reported that the University of Virginia has a petition going to ban the phrase. The Cultural Marxists have been attempting to ban Christmas in general for some time, under the pretense of being inclusive; in spite of the obvious contradiction involved.

     Not so in the SE Asian country of Malaysia. In that predominantly Moslem country, the Supreme Islamic religious leader decreed that the term Merry Christmas in no way violated Islamic cultural norms.

     Dr. Zulkifli Al-Bakri, the Islamic Mufti of the Malaysian Federation stated that use of the term is not forbidden to Moslems and wholly permissible when used to celebrate the holidays of non-Islamic faiths.

      "It's no more than merely a greeting to express one's happiness and enjoyment upon seeing the happiness of others celebrating." the Mufti said, "As long as communications with other religions do not glorify non-Moslems, wishing someone a 'Merry Christmas' is permissible."

     The Mufti cited the 2007 decision of an Islamic Ecclesiastical court which ruled in favor of a group of Egyptian scholars who sent Christmas greetings to then-Pope Benedict. The Mufti's decision came in response to a legal challenge by an activist from a Moslem group, seeking to ban the term Merry Christmas in Malaysia on the grounds that it was offensive to Moslems.

     Does this sound familiar? Once again, it is uptight, drugged-out, native-born American Liberals---offended and outraged at 'seeing the happiness of others celebrating'---who are the ones shutting down Christmas cheer and not Moslems from abroad. The Grand Mufti of Malaysia has no problem with Moslems saying Merry Christmas in hospitals in schools; the overpaid and hysterical bureaucrats running such institutions in America, do.

     So, nobody is going to get sued or harassed in Malaysia any time soon for celebrating Christmas. Maybe Americans can take a lesson in inclusiveness from the Mufti.

                                    Christmas in Kuala Lumpur. Nobody 'offended' here.

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