Sunday, July 30, 2017


     With everybody inside the Beltway under criticism over the Obamacare vote, the denizens of the Deep State decided it was time to distract public attention once again with a favorite bogeyman: North Korea. The Moonies and Gay-Rights' activists in both the Corporate Media and State Department are outraged at some more of President Kim's actions.

       Well, not officially these actions. While being a strong heterosexual male is considered quite scandalous among effete Western elites, this 'enlightened' attitude hasn't been widely accepted by the masses. Thus it's deemed expedient to make the country out to be some military threat to the United States.

          North Korea test-fired a missile this weekend, which they claim has the capability of reaching our largely-undefended mainland. The Media naturally took them at their word; although they routinely dismiss everything else North Korea says. The RINOs Tillerson and Haley rushed to call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, though no one has the slightest idea what actually happened over there.

           President Trump also flew off the handle and fired some angry Tweets at China, as though they had any responsibility for this. This was a serious blunder on Trump's part: less than two weeks after the Chinese Politburo took the unprecedented steps of lifting two long-standing agricultural embargoes, claiming that "China is doing nothing but taking advantage of us" is hardly a smart move. Especially with another Sino-US Economic Summit approaching.

            China has in fact, offered to mediate a peace settlement on the Peninsula. Xi Jinping called for a 'Dual-Track Solution' under which both North and South Korea begin mutual demilitarization. But Trump is caught between both the Deep-State Left and the Neocons: neither of which want peace in Korea unless at the expense of North Korea's sovereignty. For all his other faults, Kim Jong-Un is a patriot---and he's going to do what he has to do to secure his country.

            The Chinese are not about to serve as proxies of US financial and political interests. An editorial in the Chinese press today stated that Trump's remarks were those of "a green-horn president wholly ignorant of the situation on the Korean Peninsula." Unfortunately they have a valid point: Trump is basically echoing the sentiments of pop-culture pundits who know nothing about Korea themselves. These people imagine that it is still 1952 and the quality of our military then:

      Is what it is now:

      What Trump needs to do is do what he does best: go against the PC tide and do what is in the US interest. China has a sensible proposal for peace. Recent history has shown that every time we've worked with China, we've gotten mutually beneficial results. Trying to go against ends up like Obama's 'Asian Pivot'. We can't afford many more of those kinds of disasters.


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