Thursday, July 20, 2017


      As a direct consequence of President Trump's participation at the G-20 Summit earlier this month, two major foreign policy achievements came to fruition today---involving Russia and China, respectively.

      The first win was the announcement that the CIA black-budget operations in Syria are terminated. The US will no longer arm and train terrorists---or, as Obama called them, moderate rebels. Russia welcomed the move.

      Obama and his Deep-State henchmen wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on this stupid and counter- productive program. Besides the fact that they were responsible for protracting the war, they also destabilized much of the region as these weapons often ended up on the Black Market. The growing realization by Trump that he had been lied to about the character of the Syrian government is reflected in the move.

        Russia and Syria weren't the only countries relieved by Trump's decision. Relations with Turkey and Iraq were also strained by the policy. The arrogant Obama made the situation even worse by treating Turkey and Iraq as though they were US vassalages who had to support the policy however detrimental to their own interests. Hopefully, the next move will be restoration of diplomatic ties with Syria and an end to the embargo.

         The second diplomatic success came with the conclusion of the first Comprehensive Economic Dialogue (CED). This was a bilateral summit set up by the US and China and the G-20. The CED will hold regular meetings to work out long-standing issues between the two countries. The US was represented by Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Ross. Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Yang represented his country.

        Lu Kang, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said today, "The most significant achievement of the economic dialogue is acknowledging a common direction for Sino-US economic cooperation. Both sides regard win-win cooperation as the underlying principle in developing stronger bilateral ties."

        Both sides agreed that the Trade Deficit was a major problem. China indicated interest in importing more American goods---especially in technology and agriculture. Many of these commodities are restricted by US export laws. The two countries agreed to a draft proposal for a Comprehensive Economic Plan.

         The Summit was held in Washington; but the boorish behavior of the American Media led both sides to cancel the press conference scheduled afterwards. The Media has been putting out fake-news about the summit, and their coverage and conduct was universally criticized by the Chinese press. America's media is truly becoming an international embarrassment.

        Similarly, the Media was howling outrage over the new Syrian Policy. But time will prove all these Deep State dunces wrong and today was a major forward step in draining the diplomatic swamp.

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