Saturday, July 29, 2017


     Last week we saw some progress in the Pro-Life movements after the State Legislatures in Missouri and Texas passed legislation restricting the Abortionists' activities in their respective states.

      Missouri's new law strengthened state jurisdiction over municipalities discriminating against pro-life options at public clinics. St. Louis---a city with a number of homosexuals in local government---declared itself an abortion sanctuary city earlier this year. The perverts in the city government unilaterally declared abortion mills protected under Anti-Discrimination Laws. They also were forcing parochial schools to provide abortion referral services and forced landlords to rent to abortionists. The new law overturns these policies.

      The State Attorney-General also has new powers to prosecute abortion laws. The Senate granted this new authority after Left-Wing local prosecutors vowed not to enforce them. The State now can intervene in cases of such negligence.

      Missouri will also place stricter requirements on the disposal of fetal tissue and restrict abortion referrals to certain medical professionals. Alternatives to abortion will now be mandatory in cases of pregnancy counseling and abortion as a medical necessity will need approval from the Department of Health.

       In Texas, the Senate passed a Bill banning elective abortions from insurance coverage. This covers all insurance: private, government, and Obamacare programs. The Bill does not prohibit supplemental plans for abortion, which must be purchased separately.

       Sponsors of the Bill noted that forcing insurance subscribers to subsidize such procedures was itself an immoral act. The new measure has reportedly widespread support in the state.

      Both of these measures are movements in the right direction. The moves brought predictable howls of outrage from the Whacko Left. It is always interesting to note how death-centered Western Liberalism really is. Abortion, euthanasia, population-control, feminism, homosexuality, etc.: everything in their world-view is anti-life. This extends even to foreign policy, where Liberals either engage in or tacitly support ethnic cleansing of populations and cultures. Organized religions, with their doctrines of Eternal Life, are especially repugnant to them.

       If we still had a sane and moral society, laws like these wouldn't even be controversial. This proves that we've still a long way to go in draining the cultural swamp.



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