Thursday, July 27, 2017


      The CPC official news outlet The Global Times reported this morning that, upon recommendation of the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Hollywood trash-culture pop-star Justin Bieber has been banned from China as an undesirable alien. Bieber shares this dubious distinction with George Soros and the Dalai Lama.

      "While Justin Bieber is a talented singer, he is also a controversial foreign singer. To maintain order in the Chinese market and purity in the Chinese performance environment, it is not suitable to allow in badly-behaved entertainers from abroad." a statement from the Culture Ministry read.

     China's decision has brought predictable howls of outrage from the perverts in the US Corporate Media. They are quite indignant that China recently lifted embargoes on genuinely useful things like rice and beef; but won't permit them to export cultural rot. To be fair to China, though, this is largely Bieber's own fault. When he performed in China in 2013, his drunken off-stage antics---including scuffles with security guards and nearly falling off the Great Wall caused a scandal there. Bieber has also had encounters with US authorities; as well as an embarrassing incident in Mexico where he was thrown out of an archaeological site for urinating on Mayan artifacts. His pants reportedly fell down during the ensuing scuffle with Mexican police.

      Wang Wenwen, editor of The Global Times, stated that: "In today's China, youth are obsessed with celebrities like everywhere else in the world. Continual exposure to celebrity culture harms some young people's behaviors and values. Young people may not be capable of making intelligent choices about which celebrities they follow or imitate."

       In a free society like ours, parents and teachers should be the ones doing what Wang suggests. We don't need a Ministry of Culture in America. Here it always was the responsibility of parents and other community leaders to exert pressure on the Mass Media and them accountable for the material they put out. One lesson that the American people need to re-learn during the Trump Era is that the Media works for us---not the other way around.

      Of course, the Cultural Marxists in the Media Cartels immediately scream about 'censorship' and 'artistic freedom'. But while we have a Constitutional Right to free speech and expression, that by no means entitles moneyed media monopolies to behave as a de facto Culture Ministry and impose upon society whatever they wish. Americans have to exercise control over these things, as they used to do. Hollywood responds to consumer pressure; and it's parents and communities who ultimately hold the purse-strings over celebrities' and media-moguls' bloated salaries.

      Thus, it's completely understandable that China would endeavor to protect its culture. And Americans should really take to heart Wang's further statement that "If these celebrities really 'love their fans and hate to disappoint them' as Bieber says, they had better watch their words and deeds in their own countries as well as China."

        Truer words were never spoken, and it's a sad symbol of the times when Chinese Communists have to lecture Americans on using their freedoms responsibly.


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