Monday, October 24, 2016


     The Clinton Machine's continued cheating, unethical behavior, suspicious activities, and collusion with both foreign and domestic financial and media oligarchs has, as we have stated, disqualified Hilary Clinton categorically for the office of US President. There are no grounds on any civilized principles of Justice or Ethics that admit Clinton's fitness to hold any public office.

      The Democratic Party, likewise, has proven itself to have evolved into a criminal enterprise. This gang is longer deserving of the respect of the American public---assuming that we haven't become collectively as corrupt as they are. The Democratic primaries began with Hilary Clinton under investigation by Congress and the FBI---an investigation which was terminated after a suspicious meeting between former president Bill Clinton and US Attorney-General Loretta Lynch. Hilary Clinton won the Democratic nomination, despite trailing Senator Bernard Sanders in national polls. Leaked internal documents from the DNC showed essentially that Clinton and DNC officials stole the nomination from Sanders. The alleged source of these leaks, DNC staffer Seth Rich (a Sanders supporter), was gunned down on his front steps by a still-unknown assailant.

       Now, James O'Keefe a conservative political activist, has released three videotapes made during a clandestine infiltration of two pro-Clinton political action groups run by Scott Foval and Bob Creamer, two long-time Clinton henchmen. Foval confesses in earlier videos to committing numerous federal crimes; such as conspiracy to incite violence, racketeering, and conspiracy to commit voter fraud. His associate, Bob Creamer, who was formerly in federal prison after being indicted on 16 counts of bank fraud and tax evasion. Creamer became a lobbyist on his release, and worked on the Obamacare project. Creamer's PAC coordinated Foval's crimes with the DNC---another violation of federal law. It is illegal under federal election laws for a campaign or political party to collude directly with a PAC.

        The first two releases proved conclusively that Foval and Creamer engaged in these illegal activities in another illegal coordination with the DNC. But today's video release has Creamer confessing to O'Keefe that his crimes were directly instigated by Hilary Clinton.

          "In the end, it was the candidate Hilary Clinton, the future President of the United States, who wanted ducks on the ground," Creamer boasted, referring to a duck motif that appeared at anti-Trump protests. "So, by God, we got ducks on the ground!"

         O'Keefe has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, and Donald Trump has vowed to sue the liable parties in federal court.

        It is of interest to note, too, that the violent protests erupting at Trump and Cruz rallies during the primaries were attributed widely to operatives of the Sanders Campaign. Sanders always denied any involvement in these outrages. In light of the O'Keefe videos, and the confirmed duplicities against Sanders committed by the Clinton Campaign; it may be worth investigating whether or not Foval, Creamer, and Clinton were intentionally using these incidents---which they provoked---to smear Senator Sanders. Not only were Sanders supporters cheated; it appears that the Clintons used them as unwitting dupes and proxies as well.

         Trump stated during the Second Debate that he would investigate the Clintons and put this whole rats'-nest of gangsters in jail where they belong. If a President Trump keeps that promise alone, he will have had a successful presidency and done the United States a great public service.


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