Tuesday, March 21, 2017


    The Corporate Media is still sulking over Secretary of State Tillerson's 'snub'---i.e. telling fake news operatives that they'd have to pay for their own trips from now on. In a fit of petty spite, they've been spewing a lot of negativity about the Trump Administration's first major diplomatic visit. Fortunately, in the Information Age, we have access to foreign media sources which not only report real news, but give us a perspective apart from the Corporate Media's biases.

     For example, when we read in the Chinese media---which equivocally reflects the attitudes of the Chinese government---positive commentary on Tillerson's trip, we can be sure that our own media's spin is just that: spin.

     The bulk of the Tillerson trip was spent in Beijing where the Secretary of State met with high-ranking officials, including President Xi Jinping. Xi was reportedly officially invited to visit President Trump in Mar-a-Lago next month. We think it may safely be assumed that Xi is anticipating this visit much more than the dreary séances he held with Obama.

     One of the more remarkable moments of Tillerson's visit was his use of the phrase "Sino-US relations must be built on non-confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation" which is phrase that Xi himself often employs in political speeches. Trump's detractors have snuffed about this claiming that Trump is caving in to China, but nothing could be further from the truth.

      The reason that China has been so successful in expanding its global hegemony and influence recently is not simply because of American weakness. Xi Jinping is following a new model, which that phrase expresses aptly. It's really a policy of bilateralism. For example, China offers a certain country an equal exchange of resources that both countries need. This has been especially effective in developing countries where China builds infrastructure and creates jobs in exchange for economic and military benefits.

       Trump's foreign policy has yet to take concrete shape, yet the president seems inclined to follow the Chinese model and applying it to American interests. The model followed by the previous administrations have been abject failures as the collapse of our policies in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe abundantly testify.

       For either America or China to take a hardline at this point---either economically or militarily in the Pacific---would be a suicidal course of Mutually-Assured Destruction. Even worse, such a power vacuum would likely be filled by a resurgent Fascist Japan: and that truly would be a disaster. The US and China need to resume their historic friendship and work together our mutual benefit and as the dominant powers in the Pacific.

        Chinese political pundits overall are expressing a cautious optimism towards Tillerson's remarks. Cautious optimism is also a proper approach for own leaders to take; though we can't expect that from our DNC-dominated punditocracy; which would prefer WW3 to a Trump diplomatic success. The upcoming Trump-Xi Summit will be extremely important for the course both countries will follow; but for now things are looking quite positive.

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