Wednesday, February 22, 2017


    The moment many of us have hoped for has arrived. The US Congress has begun a formal inquest into the activities of international criminal mastermind George Soros. And better still, the focus of the inquest is liable to catch a few DNC apparatchiks in the dragnet.

     The scandal leading to this investigation broke loose in the tiny, but historically significant and geopolitically important country of Macedonia. Macedonia won its independence during the collapse of the former Yugoslavia and historically is the home of Alexander the Great and Aristotle, two giants of Western Civilization.

    Macedonia lies across most of the northern border with Greece. A few years ago, Greece was threatening to leave NATO and the EU. Riots began breaking out in Macedonia---in very similar fashion to the Euromaidan Coup in Ukraine-- in 2015. It led to a huge political crisis and the Macedonian authorities, who are pro-Western, suspected Soros and Obama at the bottom of the unrest. Their investigations have proven correct; and Macedonian politician and former president Nicola Gruevski presented his evidence to US officials.

     "If it were not for George Soros with all the millions he pours into Macedonia, the entire network of NGOs, media, politicians; the process {of restoring order} would not be that difficult. The economy would be stronger and we would have new jobs." Gruevski told the press. And he is not exaggerating: China has a pending contract to invest heavily in Macedonian infrastructure as part of its New Silk Road project---held up because of the unrest. Macedonia is vitally positioned to connect the overland rail transportation system from Greece to Asia. Gruevski is currently leading a move in the Macedonian Congress to have Soros banned as an Undesirable Alien and his Macedonian assets frozen.

      So what does this have to do with American law? Well, the Macedonians also discovered that funding for Soros' crimes in their country was being provided by the Obama Administration: i.e., with US tax dollars. And Soros' activities, too, were being coordinated by the US Embassy in Macedonia.

      Utah Senator Mike Lee, who opened the Congressional Inquiry, said that there is ample evidence of Obama Administration duplicity in Macedonia and called the ambassador to answer questions. So far, the Embassy has been stonewalling; but records have emerged showing that USAID gave Soros' Open Society Foundation $5 million between 2012-2015 for the ostensible purpose of "empowering Macedonian citizens to hold government accountable."

      Arizona Congressman Trent Franks stated on Sunday: "The challenge that we have seen is that the US mission has made some questionable funding to organizations associated with George Soros which are really antithetical to many things in which America believes. And we've tried to get support from the State Department and USAID to try and get to the bottom of why this funding is being used against the interests of both Macedonia and the United States."

      USAID was established in 1961 by President Kennedy during the height of the Cold War. Its purpose was to fund humanitarian and technological projects in underdeveloped countries friendly to the West. Kennedy's reasoning behind this was sound: USAID was meant to counter Communist movements among the poor in these countries. Since then, though it has become a vehicle for spreading Cultural Marxism and spearheading foreign financial interests among Wall Street Elites. The whole 'US interest' in Macedonia was nothing more to put pressure on Greece to remain in the European Union: and Greece owes considerable debt to Wall Street-funded banks. And Soros is invested in those banks himself.

       Here are the Congressmen who've signed on to the Inquest. Support them and encourage them to put a stop to Soros' crime wave:

       Sen. Mark Lee (R-Utah); Reps. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), Jeff Fortenberry (R-Neb.), Louie Gomert (R-Tex.), Randy Hultgren (R-Ill.), Robert Pittenger (R-N.C.), Chris Smith (R-N.J.), and Robert Aderholt (R-Ala.).


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