Thursday, February 16, 2017


    Anti-Democracy extremists gathered at the University of Chicago yesterday to protest free speech. Former Trump Campaign official Corey Lewandowski was speaking on the campus that day---which, of course, can't be tolerated.

    The extremists took an interesting new twist to their usual dramas. They hung up a piñata of Donald Trump and cheered children on to beat it with sticks. "Tear him apart!" "Off with his head" the adults shouted. The peaceful protesters let out a loud roar of applause when the effigy was decapitated.

     We've all wondered where these mask-wearing bat-wielding thugs at anti-Trump rallies come from: now we know. A decade from now, these little bastards will be in college themselves beating up supporters of President Pence. 

     It's really difficult to imagine that there are parents out there who are actually this sick. But we have to face the reality that parents like these really do exist in effete and degenerated Left-Wing parts of the country. Those who support Traditionalist families often have a difficult time wrapping our minds around this fact. We tend to assume that Anarchists and such were children from broken homes and bad schools. It's hard for us to believe that often these people come from relatively stable families and were taught their deviant behaviors by their parents. In this Chicago example, we see the parents actively encouraging them.

      Parents have instinctual drive to protect children. Part of childhood education is teaching the young to defend themselves. Thus, we can conclude that these types of parents are motivated by irrational, but very intense fears (like paranoia). Very likely a high percentage of them have had even their genetic survival instincts blunted by years of ingesting dangerous narcotics. Others have never experienced any of the world outside the Liberal social circles in which they live.

      This is why we need public education reform so desperately. The original purpose of our public schools was to correct educational deficiencies like these. The founders of that system realized that traditional American values must be taught through a public venue. Some parents---like poor or immigrant parents---lack the ability and experience to educate productive Americans and need the school's help. Others---like these parents in Chicago---are too whacked-out to do the job and their children deserve exposure to the truth. But our schools today are failing; and the burden falls heaviest on poor and immigrant children, as well as those from dysfunctional homes.

     Simply put, organizing children's games where they beat and behead effigies of the President of the United States is not acceptable behavior. Parents and educators need to call out the adults involved and shame them for what they're doing. This is not how we operate in a civilized world premised on self-governance and the Rule of Law; and these protesters should be taught so by their adult peers.


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