Saturday, February 4, 2017


    After President Trump threatened to eliminate funding for the UC-Berkeley after a violent riot there, the Academic and Corporate Media establishments went into full-damage control mode. UC President Nicholas Dirks---already under investigation by the State of California for misuse of public funds---is also under a cloud of suspicion for removing security forces previous to the Milo Yiannapolous speech.

    Now it turns out, that one the thugs who beat a Trump supporter during the riot is allegedly actually a paid employee of UC-Berkeley. Ian Miller, who works as a Digital Communication Specialist at $70,000 per year, boasted about the attacks on social media. And we're almost willing to bet a steak dinner that Miller won't turn out to be the only one involved in the riot, either.

    If Miller is indeed involved in the crimes that he boasted of, he should of course be indicted for them. But the important thing in the story is that it adds reasonable suspicion to the belief that Dirks' involvement in the riots was more than passive. The trail of culpability in the Berkeley Riot is starting to lead very strongly in the direction of the UC-Berkeley Administration.

    The fact that UC-Berkeley administrative staff were agents of the Antifa, would have put them in a position, presumably, to have known that security arrangements the night of the Milo speech were weak. And it's been reported reliably from several witnesses at Berkeley that the Anarchists came to the event especially well-prepared and well-organized. Robert Reich and some of the Anarchist apologists have even noted this anomaly; and have suggested on these grounds a false-flag organized by Milo.

     But more reasonably, the evidence is beginning to suggest that UC-Berkeley administrators were the ones working in some kind of concert with the Anarchists. Dirks' extreme negligence in providing adequate security is inexplicable otherwise. That aspect is the whole flaw in Reich's theory: because even if Milo's people staged the attacks, they would still have needed Dirks' complicity to accomplish it.

     At this point, it would be reasonable for the Trump Administration to order the FBI to step in and begin putting Messrs. Dirks and Miller; along with the UC-Berkeley Administration and the chieftains of the Bay Area Anarchists under a microscope. These characters definitely need to do a lot of explaining to the American taxpayers and Berkeley crime victims about what went wrong on the campus that night.






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