Friday, February 3, 2017


    In case anyone thought that only the Far Left spreads fake news, the anti-Conservative elements of the Far Right seldom lag behind. This is especially true when they see an opportunity to defame Jews, Christians, ethnic minorities, and women---or anyone else they consider a threat to their New World Order.

   Vox Day today had an article on Alpha Game Plan called "Mandatory Mudsharking." The latter term being Manosphere slang for White women who date gentlemen of color. Not certain what the term is when the genders are reversed; but as a rule, the Red Pills dislike race-mixing, no matter how great the so-called Sexual Market Value might be.

     "In case you thought that all of the white girl-black guy propaganda coming out of Hollywood and the ad agencies is coincidental, it's not. It's straight-up anti-White racism."  he says.

      And then he displays a poster which has been circulating around the Seattle Metro Area as proof:

      The only problem here is that this poster is a hoax. The message it contains was too vile even for the ultra-Left UW Student newspaper, whose editors contacted the Anarchist group Emerald City Antifa for an explanation. The Anarchists even disavowed the poster as a false flag. But not the Red Pill Cultists of the Manosphere. They pounced on the poster as genuine in spite of the logical absurdities it contains---which would have convinced anyone that it is a fake after a few minutes' thought. Obviously, there are White homosexuals, transgenders, and disabled who believe themselves victims of discrimination and side with the Left.

      I suppose though we should expect this of people who believe that leaders like Clarence Thomas, Ken Blackwell, and Ben Carson or the 89 Black Congressional Medal of Honor winners don't qualify as 'real Americans'. President Trump was right to repudiate these characters before, and the Republican Party should take note and follow suit.



  1. Well said. Those guys seem to a have a propensity for melodrama that is almost feminine. Fake? Who cares, it's just the kind of confirmation bias they were looking for.

    As to the ancient theme of "they're stealing all the white women," I've never really understood that one. Envy, a scarcity mentality, tribalism gone awry? Something like that.

    1. Thank you---'confirmation bias' was the term I was looking for.

      It's interesting that racist literature of 100+ years ago was obsessed with the idea of Black women seducing and preying upon White men. Black women were portrayed as sensual and immoral viragos who used their sexual wiles to ensnare white men. Mulatto women were considered especially dangerous---supposedly because of their mixed race they were instinctively driven to pursue White men.

      In both cases, though, anti-sexuality is really at the bottom of it. Sexual repression is an underlying dynamic with both Feminists' and Red Pills' behaviors and attitudes.

  2. Remember when the Catholic Church lifted its ban on interracial marriage....oh WAIT, it never had one. LOL.

    1. Good point. The Church actually encouraged inter-racial marriage for a long time. I think that one of the Popes in the 19th C. actually praised such marriages publically. That's one reason why the KKK was anti-Catholic; but they won't teach that in 'Ethnic Studies' courses!