Wednesday, February 15, 2017


     As if we needed further proof of the depths to which the American Left will stoop to further Cultural Marxist goals. Detroit-area businessman and 'community leader' Michael Hager was caught and exposed last week for perpetrating a media hoax against President Trump.

     Hager, a Moslem who was born in Iraq, whined to the Corporate Media late in January that he and his terminally-ill returned to Iraq to visit family. According to reports, when the family sought to return, Hager's mother was denied entry because of Trump's travel-ban, since her legal status was only that of Resident Alien

    "I was just shocked." he told the gullible reporters, "I had to put my mom back in the wheelchair and take her back and call the ambulance she was very, very upset. She knew then and there that if we sent her back to the hospital that she would pass away---that she wasn't going to make it. I really believe this in my heart: if they had let us in, my mom would have made it. She'd be sitting next to me right now. She's gone because of Trump... imagine if somebody did that to your mom."

   Terrible to imagine, indeed. And even more terrible because the whole story is a lie.

    The best part of the saga was that Hager was exposed by his own congregation. The Imam of the Dearborn Mosque that Hager attended came to the press with evidence that Hager's mother had died in Iraq five days before President Trump announced the travel-ban. The Imam stated that Hager had called him on January 19th requesting a special prayer-service; and again on January 22nd confirming that his mother had passed away. The Mosque held the Islamic funeral rites for her that day. Trump issued the Order instituting the travel ban on January 27th.

     The Imam held a press conference before the red-faced local media and shamed them for spreading hysteria and fake news.

      "What is needed now is peace and patience." the cleric scolded the Media Elites, "There is confusion. There is a mix that they have to distinguish between good refugees and bad refugees, and if this is what it takes to stop them for awhile, to screen them, that is a good thing for the security of the country."

     The duped and humiliated Detroit media tried to track down Hager, but he was not responding to their requests. According to Fox-2 Detroit, Hager had earlier sent a text saying, "Since I lost my mom, I have been on heavy medication---I can't even sleep. I did not make anything up." Or---to put it in plain English---he's on drugs.

     According to his social media statements, Hager owns a Detroit-area Metro PCS store and is a veteran of the few, the out-and-proud US Marine Corps. He's been mentioned for community activism in the local media before.

     Once again, we see the true face of the so-called Cultural Elite in America. Imam Husham Husseini deserves a round of applause for doing his duty both as a spiritual leader and an American in calling out the shameless fraud.

    It also displays once again the slavish servility of the Media to the Elites. Whenever one of these kinds of stories appears, it's best not to take them at face value. A blog to which we link, Moonbattery, has been regularly exposing these kinds of fake news, and has a handy list of them for reference. Readers should bookmark this list, because it updates often.

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