Tuesday, February 21, 2017


     Blogger Insanity Bytes had a good article yesterday exposing further hypocrisy from the Red Pill Cult. Dalrock, one of the ringleaders of that movement, wrote yet another article attempting to discredit traditionalist Conservatism and Christianity. The focus of his anger this time was a piece in the National Review encouraging men to consider marriage.

     The Red Pills' version of 'Christian Marriage' is one wherein the wife is essentially the husband's chattel. They consider women inferior to men and advocate that wives must tolerate abuse and other unchristian behaviors from their husbands. Most of them believe that the wife must worship her husband as an earthly god; though they often don't come out and say so directly. Their typical motif is to hide behind Conservative and Christian trappings while preaching doctrines opposed to both.

    The Red Pills' Male-Supremacist philosophy finds a natural ally in White Supremacy and Neo-Naziism. True Conservatives and Christians have nothing to do with any of these ideologies. President Trump, for example, yesterday condemned Anti-Semitism as un-American. For those who missed his remarks due to Corporate Media blackouts, the story can be read here.

    Many believe that the Red Pill Cult is merely an echo chamber and isn't effecting churches at large. Not so. A Red Pill blog called Goodbye America had an article today with a photograph of an 'offensive' icon in a Michigan Catholic Church. The article was titled Jesus Cucking Christ; the term cuck or cuckservative being the Red Pill neologism for Traditionalists. It's a term they throw around to disparage Conservative Christians, much like whackos on the Far Left throw around terms like 'Christofascism'.

    Here's the statute that has the Red Pills so outraged:

      "There's a psychological undercurrent subtly conveyed by this artwork," the Red Pill warily explains, "You'll notice that the chocolate imp is sitting in (presumably) Jesus' lap, while White children gather around Jesus almost like they are His Apostles. Everyone stares lovingly and attentively at the Black baby. The message is that the African orphan is a charity case through which empathobesic White Christcucks may demonstrate their virtue. It's Captain Save-a-Fro as Church policy, and you will only ever see this sort of thing in all-White churches."

     Now isn't that statement the very sort of Politically-Correct drivel that one would expect on any Far Left Cultural Marxist blog? (Minus the racial slurs, of course). But the Red Pills have fully embraced this kind of Identity Politics.

     A commenter at Goodbye America who writes under the name of Sigma 7, submitted this photo, from a church where he was ostensibly attending a funeral but took time to be offended at statues of Christ preaching to children. He's a frequent commenter on Manosphere sites like Dalrock, and had this to add:

    "The ceremony for my father was simply awful. The priest was weak but all my female family loved it because it was touching. They had some lady playing s----y keyboard and singing with all the awe, reverence, and wonder of a month-old loaf of bread. All doughy and moldy. My dad's corpse had more 'T' in it a week after he died than that priest. I understand why men are no longer interested in church. I see why those vibrants/muzzies are so welcome. Dalrock is correct, the church is poison."

    We highlighted the last sentence, because therein lies the point. These are the kinds of attitudes people are coming away with after immersion in Red Pill Philosophy.

     This is why pastors, priests, and other Christian leaders need to address the Red Pill Cult more aggressively. It's actually more dangerous to Christianity than Cultural Marxism. With the exception of the 'Rainbow Church' types, the Far Left is typically unashamedly anti-Christian. The Red Pills counterfeit Christianity by appealing to vulnerable men with their False Doctrines disguised as traditionalist thought.



  1. Thank you.

    This really is the heart of the problem with Dalrock, "Dalrock is correct, the church is poison." That is exactly what he sells. Unfortunately he is only one of many red pills who actually groom wounded and broken guys into believing the church is their enemy. By extension Jesus Christ becomes their enemy too, because "cuckservative, feminized," etc.

    I have watched some of these red pills actually deconvert men from faith entirely, and than isolate and bully them. That's a tragedy that just makes me sick.

    1. You're welcome---yes, that's typical of cultish behavior. As former President Truman once said "Faith is the foundation of our freedom." Cults seek to undermine their victims' faith, because those without Faith are more easily controlled.