Thursday, February 16, 2017


   As we've all heard, General Flynn has resigned from the Trump Cabinet. I had a few issues with Flynn to begin with; and Flynn's son was fired by Trump before the Inauguration. So this was probably expected; and actually I think that General Kellogg would have been a better choice to begin with.

    So, when President Trump stated that Flynn was let go because he no longer had Trump's or Pence's confidence, our position was that we should accept it as that and ignore whatever the Corporate Media said about it. This affair is hardly going to be the downfall of the American Union---however much the Media Elites hope that it will.

    But there may be more to this story. Julian Assange---who's actually more reliable than the US Corporate Media combined---had this to say following Flynn's announcement:

      "Trump's National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigns after destabilization campaign by US spies, Democrats, and the Media. An amazing battle for dominance is playing out between the elected US Government and the Intelligence Community who consider themselves a permanent government."

     Assange also appealed for information disclosing the alleged contents of the Flynn communique. This leads us to suspect that Assange already knows---or strongly suspects---that solid proof exists to corroborate his assertions. British journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is an associate of Edward Snowden, made some similar observations in The Intercept:

     "That Flynn lied about what he said to Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak was first revealed by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who has built his career on repeating what his CIA sources tell him."

     Now things are becoming interesting. And they got even more interesting after John Schindler, a former NSA analyst reported to The New York Observer that Establishment apparatchiks within the Intelligence Community are in open revolt against Trump.

      "Now we go nuclear," Schindler gushed effusively on Twitter, "Intelligence Community war going to new levels. I just got an e-mail from a senior IC friend, and it began, 'He (Trump) will die in jail.'" Schindler, like many anti-Trump types, grew more unstable in the ensuing Twitter feud; suggesting that whatever happened to Trump would be his own fault, making hysterical comments about Russia, suggesting a false flag, etc.

      Is there reason to believe that the Elites are plotting a coup against Trump? More to the point, there is no reason to disbelieve it. Their words and actions of the last few months demonstrate clearly that there is no crime that they are unwilling to conscience to overthrow the Trump Administration.

     Whether they can succeed or not is another issue. The weakness the anti-Trump conspirators face is that they overestimate themselves and underestimate the Power of popular government. And their own fanaticism is their Achilles' Heel; they are too blinded with raw hatred for Trump that nothing else actually unifies them.

      The Intelligence Community is another swamp in serious need of draining. It has already been rumored that Trump is organizing a select committee to do just that.



  1. Well said. This stuff is all a bit scary, because for sometime now it has been evident our intelligence communities have been operating under their own interests, like a branch of government answerable only to their own selves. I suppose there have always been incidents of this, but today it seems as if sci/fi has become reality and our conspiracy theories have come true.

    1. Thank you---Yes. The IC is much like the Legal and Educational Establishments in that they've become completely unaccountable. The reason for this has been a lack of any political oversight or public transparency. In the IC's case, they've hidden behind a 'national security' cloak for decades.

      Our Constitution does not allow for any sector of government to operate independently of legal checks-and-balances. It's not so much an overarching conspiracy with a mastermind behind the curtain as it is a product of political neglect which has allowed self-interest, nepotism, and corruption to flourish.