Tuesday, February 14, 2017


  The recent Anarchist demonstration that blocked US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from entering a public school saw one notable arrest. Ahmed-Bilyar Askaryar, a 'prominent DC activist'  was formally charged with assault after he lost it at the protest and scuffled with police---and presumably posed a violent threat to DeVos. Witnesses stated that Askaryar was shouting anti-Trump obscenities while the police detained him and shocked schoolchildren looked on.

   Askaryar had recently been invited to speak on National Public Radio shortly before the incident to denounce President Trump's Immigration Embargo Order. A noted Beltway homosexual, his thoughts were also published in that community's DC newspaper; and he published another commentary at this sterling publication.

   The suspect was born in Afghanistan and came to the US at the age of five. He holds a graduate degree from American University. In other words, he spent all his adult life in US public schools and became a radical Leftist. Which seems to be a common theme among violent American radicals, regardless of their place of birth. I does make one wonder what Askaryar didn't want to DeVos to see.

    Askaryar also managed the Turquoise Mountain project: "Artists Transforming Afghanistan" at the Smithsonian Institution. Turquoise Mountain was supported by the Obama Administration. The exhibit ended in January, and the funding cut and new Administration's priorities on rebuilding American culture no doubt contributed to Askaryar's public breakdown.

    He also is a board member of the Afghanistan Research and Evaluation Unit. AREU lists one of its recent accomplishments as completing a 2-year project on "rural water management and opium poppy cultivation" in four Afghani provinces. The goal here being to "facilitate the achievement of rural livelihood security and stability in Afghanistan by exploring the dynamics of the opium economy in 2010-11 growing season and beyond."

    With America's agricultural irrigation collapsing and opiate-addiction at all time highs, Askaryar and his friends were helping the Taliban improve their irrigation methods to get better poppy crops. AREU is funded by George Soros and receives grants from several UN and EU agencies, and some subsidies from various governments.

    Askaryar is a specimen of why we need educational reform. Fifty years ago, an Afghan refugee boy starting Kindergarten in America would probably have grown up to become a productive and valuable citizen. Now our schools turn them into kooks who go on violent rampages at DC schools and Florida nightclubs.  As badly as we need immigration reform, we need educational reform a lot more.

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