Thursday, February 9, 2017


    Authorities in Georgia revealed today that an incident believed to be a possible terror threat was indeed a ricin contamination. The incident though was quickly contained and there is no danger to public safety. It seems that a thug with a history of criminal activity and mental issues named William Gibbs was experimenting with ricin, spilled some in his car, and rushed himself to the hospital.

     Gibbs was a member of a cult called generally by the name The Church of the Creator. The cult's founder was Ben Klassen, a Ukrainian immigrant and political activist in White Supremacist causes. Klassen committed suicide in 1993. The cult later passed into the hands of Matt Hale, who is currently serving a 40-year prison term for the attempted murder of a federal judge.

      It's now headed by the Rev. Cailen Cambeul, an Australian national and former biker-gang member. The cult teaches 'White Racial Loyalism'---a term Gibbs himself employed in social media postings. Klassen taught that the Jews invented Christianity to weaken the White Race; and the cult's members blasphemously refer to themselves as 'Creators'. Cambeul and his predecessors claimed themselves as Popes, assuming the title Pontifex Maximus. They call their religion 'Creativism' as opposed to 'Christian'. There is also a sub-forum for Creativists on the Nazi website, Stormfront. Despite all this affected spirituality, Cambeul is a professed Atheist.

      Like many predisposed to this kind of ideology, Cambuel runs an 'alternative' IT company. He states on the Creativity Alliance website that he was once married, and his wife left him with her daughter, which "awoke in Rev. Cambuel a loathing for state bureaucracy and a life-long hatred of the Liberal-minded and the politically correct. Channeling his natural aggression, he began to get active and seek out other like-minded individuals." Cambuel has written extensively too on men's issues; particularly against inter-racial marriage and in favor of men going their own way. He practices what he preaches too, living alone with a black dog named 'Nigger.'

    If all of this sounds familiar, it should: it's much of the same nonsense promulgated by the Red Pill Cult in the Manosphere---up to and including calls for a civil war to bring about racial and ideological cleansing.

    We've described at length the nature of the cult to which Gibbs belonged because already the Corporate Media and Left-Wing trolls are depicting him as a Trump-supporter and radical Christian. He certainly wasn't the latter, and unlikely the former; since Cambuel has been openly critical of Ivanka Trump's marriage to a Jew. Creativists are also rabidly anti-Catholic, so they probably don't think highly of Melanie Trump either.

     The Corporate Media is also overlooking the fact that Trump's Justice Department is investigating Gibbs. Hopefully, they'll have a look at Cambuel and his other 'brother creators' while they're at it. Gibbs was obviously not playing around with ricin for some noble scientific purpose---and whatever he was planning to do, he likely didn't think up the idea on his own.

     Leaders of the Conservative Movement really need to recognize that there is a strong threat to our collective values from the Far Right, just as there is from the Far Left and from Anarchists. They need to be called out and exposed for the enemies of freedom and human dignity that they are.



  1. Thanks for reporting this story. Extremists disguised as Christians handling ricin, that's pretty much my worst nightmare. I guess on the bright side we can be grateful authorities in Georgia were on the ball. I'd feel even better about it if this lunatic hadn't been the one to alert them himself.

    1. Yes---lucky for us these guys have a proclivity for getting themselves caught before they actually do anything. What's worse is that the MSM only refers to this cult as a 'church' without mentioning that Creativists disavow Christianity. The comments sections of these stories are full of references to 'right-wing Christians' and the MSM lets them spread the fake news without correcting them. It's a prime example of the Corporate Media uses innuendo.

  2. Although biased, thank you for the attempt to tell the truth. You did better than most of the MSM.

    Quote from the Church of Creativity Forum:
    "I give her 8 out of 10 for her attempt at genuine first hand research. Something MSM journalists have completely forgotten in their constant reliance on plagiarism and rumour ..."

    1. You're welcome. Admittedly, we have bias but you're right about the MSM. I seem to remember that this article took only a couple hours' research---information that the MSM could have found for themselves quite easily.

      Just as a side note, I'm a 'him' not a 'her'. The Red Pillers mentioned in the article above misidentified my gender in an 'Infogalatic' article and it's since been spread around the Web. They can't imagine that a male would actually criticize them.