Sunday, February 26, 2017


     After election-rigging, threatening the Electoral College, violent riots, calls for martial law have all failed; the anti-Trump 'Resistance' has now turned to Black Magic to subvert democracy. Last Friday, at Midnight, a group calling itself Magic Resistance called for a national Witches' Sabbath to cast spells against the Trump Administration and its supporters.

     The credulous Corporate Media made a big issue of the story; craftily juxtaposing the Witches against Trump-supporting Christians. "Thus far," the BBC quipped, "Mr. Trump has yet to comment on the battle between Bible and broomstick." No wonder the White House Press Secretary banned the BBC.

     Interestingly enough, though, when we go back through the news archives, we find that less than two weeks before the Election the so-called Pagan Community was rather politically divided. Illustrating that even Conservative Witches have more principle than Liberals, pro-Trump witches refused to curse Hilary Clinton.

     "Sorcery won't sway this election" Cerridwena, a Trump-supporting witch said on October 28th, "I am all for him. I believe that Trump will win this election on his own by his own merit, not by using magic."

     But the Radical Left reflexively despises anyone who succeeds by their own merit. So great is their dislike, that they now call upon their natural confederates---The Powers of Darkness---to undo the Constitutional powers of the Electorate. A Hollywood kook named Lana Del Rey even led a televised coven outside Trump Tower in chants of "Bind him so that he does not break our polity...usurp our liberty...or fill our minds with hate, confusion, fear, or despair." What any of this means, the Devil alone knows.

     Maybe instead Lana and her cohorts should chant "Make America Great Again". There  was a time when Hollywood Witches were a lot more fun:


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