Monday, February 6, 2017


    The US Corporate Media has been making a fuss over Leftist boycotts of Ivanka Trump's fashion shoe-line. Nordstrom Department stores---a company based in ultra-Leftist Seattle---recently dropped Ivanka's line citing falling sales.

    Leave it, though, to the Chinese Media once again to tell the whole story. A report in the Business Section of The Global Times today stated that production levels of Ivanka's line hadn't been affected by the boycott. Instead, management at the two Chinese factories manufacturing Ivanka's shoes predict a sales increase; based on current production statistics.

      Two factories in China's Guangdong Province produce the Ivanka Trump Line of women's fashion shoes.

      Jodi Li, Director of Women's Fashion at the Sai Ni Company, told The Global Times that Nordstrom's market-share was insignificant. "We always pay attention to the situation in the US." she said, "As to Nordstrom's decision, it had no major impact on the orders that our factory receives. We have already 10,000 outstanding orders for Ivanka shoes for next season."

       Sai Ni is exclusively an export company. According to Miss Li, they have had a contract with Ivanka Trump since 2010. An executive with the second company, who requested anonymity, concurred that Nordstrom's cancellation had no impact on sales volumes.

      Nordstrom, it should be noted, has both its flagship department store and corporate headquarters in Downtown Seattle: a part of the city noted for its high crime rate and often violent riots. The viral video of the recent demonstration calling for burning down the White House occurred just across the corner from the Nordstrom store. We'll let the readers draw their own conclusions as to Nordstrom's real motives here.

        Meanwhile, if our gentlemen readers are still considering a nice Valentine's Day gift for a significant other in their lives: the Ivanka Shoe Line is still available at Macy's; which has so far been resisting Whacko Left boycott pressure. Just a suggestion...


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