Saturday, February 18, 2017


    We've made a few new changes here at this site, which we hope will better serve our readers. Among things we've done is added a few new feeds to new sites and plan to upgrade our Links section with access to more useful information. Some of these changes have come about because of the change in political administrations in the US which have made us alter our former approach.

     One we've added is called MAGA Ireland which aims to bring the political paradigm shift in America to the Emerald Isle, and post-BREXIT. It's a new blog, but deserves your support.

     Today, we added a feed to the Blogroll directly from the White House Press Room. We'll see how well it works as a feed, (otherwise we'll move the site to Links). The purpose in adding this site is to allow readers direct access to the Trump Administration's activities. We've found since January 20th that much of what President Trump actually does or says is either completely by the Corporate Media altogether or presented in distorted form.

    Under the Obama Administration, the Corporate Media worked hand-in-glove with the White House, so basically the MSM and DNC positions were identical. We tried to counter that here by relying heavily on foreign news sites. The problem with the foreign press relative to American news is that the foreign press gets its news feeds from the US. The foreign press may do more fact-checking and have more objective editorials; but they have limitations. The kind of widespread Corporate Media blackouts effect the foreign press like it does American audiences: they simply not cover a story because they are unaware of it.

    Linking directly into the Trump Press Room will hopefully help readers to circumvent MSM blackouts and fake-news. We cannot rely on the Corporate Media to report any positive initiatives coming out of this Administration; so by necessity we must get our information directly from them. As the White House Press Room is obviously a government-controlled information source, we do offer the same caveat that we do with similar foreign news outlets: trust but verify.

     As for our foreign news links, we will keep them going and intend to add more in the near future. A new addition this month has been a link to India Today. Our blog has an interest in geopolitics among other things; and probably has a more global perspective than typical Conservative writings. However, we believe that if the US is to be a global power, Conservatism needs to take a more geopolitical approach. This is especially true in international trade and suppressing Jihadism and fighting international crime. The Pax Americana approach of the last three decades has failed; emergent superpowers like Russia, China---and to a lesser extent India and Iran---have proven that bilateralism is a more effective approach.

      To that end, we are hoping to add news feeds from Israel, Pakistan, and South Africa within the coming month. And of course we'll add domestic 'alternative' sites as good ones come to our attention as well.  


  1. Thank you for the mention!

    Any thoughts on this one? You know I have always been bearish on Jorge. If it's off blog no problem:

  2. You're welcome!

    I haven't read the Remnant Article, but did a post about Francis' speech that came from CNA. The Red Pills were taking what the Pope said out of context. Their spin got picked up by some other media outlets too:

    As for China: the Vatican is the only European country without diplomatic ties to China. The two countries have been in negotiations started under Pope Benedict. Some in China have been pushing for religious freedom: so far Xi seems warm to the idea and he's pretty much left enforcement of religious freedom up to local komissars. Some provinces are tolerant; others are hardline.

    The main issue in China is over who appoints Catholic bishops. Chinese law forbids foreign control over religious denominations and Vatican law doesn't allow state-appointed bishops. The hardline Maoist position is that missionaries are tools of imperialists. Chiang Kai-Shek was a Christian; and the Communists also (wrongly) blame Christian missionaries for the Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion of the 19th Century. The Vatican had bad experiences with political bishops since the abuses of the Middle Ages.

    Francis and Xi both seem to want to compromise, and I think they'll probably reach one in the near future. But the CPC and the Vatican are both huge bureaucracies where things don't always move quickly, so both leaders have been throwing out 'feelers' in the press.