Monday, February 27, 2017


   Trump Derangement Syndrome struck again shortly before tonight's rather meaningless Oscars-Awards Ceremonies. Some supporters of President Trump were protesting peacefully outside the event when two young women suffered a TDS attack and went on a short but spirited and profanity-laden rampage. Anyone interested in seeing a video clip of these fine specimens of Postmodern American maidenhood in action can watch at Samuel Gonzalez' blog. 

    These two women are familiar types to anyone who's spent much time in Southern California. This is usually what girls grow up to be like when they have no strong male role models in their childhoods. They both come across as a couple of overgrown brats who've never had a male authority figure in their lives but subconsciously act out because they crave discipline. When the blonde is arrested by the burly male cop, her expression reminds one of those old aftershave commercials where the man gets slapped an says, "Thanks. I needed that."

     And really the fracas outside the ceremony was more entertaining than most of what Hollywood produces these days. The Oscars have generally sunk to a point where saying much about them is pointless: like the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Just a bunch of effete Media oligarchs patting themselves on the back and posing for the populace as though they were still a free press.


           What Americans---and American Women in particular---can take away from the Oscars' meltdown is what we saw during the Golden Globes when Meryl Streep cracked up. Don't be that girl. Make American Women Great Again (MAWGA). And, as we did after the Golden Globes article, we reached into the Feature Friday archives to find some examples:

      That's reason to rebuild America enough!


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