Friday, February 17, 2017


    The Chinese Media reported today that they had concluded a nearly three-month investigation of two factories which produce Ivanka Trump's line of designer women's shoes. Their press roundly denounced US Corporate Media outlets for promulgating fake news and stated as well that these same outlets committed crimes on Chinese soil.

      The investigation apparently began in late December after the Moonie Cult-affiliated The Daily Beast published a series of articles and photos claiming inhumane working conditions existed in the two factories. This story, of course, coincided with the Far Left's boycott of Ivanka Shoes. However, the Xi Administration in China has been cracking down on sweatshops during the last few years and takes such accusations quite seriously.

      The full Chinese report can be read here for those interested. There are several points in the article worth highlighting however. For example, this statement by one of the factory executives:

      "These reports have deliberately distorted our image as a manufacturer, so some workers involved in that reporting and image shooting have been fired."

        Those who understand the dynamics of doing business in China recognize that this executive is implying that the employees were probably bribed to lie the Corporate Media. This is further suggested by his statement that:

       "Employees at the factory stated that foreign reporters trespassed on factory grounds late in the evening and took some photos in a darkened workers' dormitory."

        This is such typical behavior for the American Media these days that there's no reason to doubt China's claims here. Faking news to attack President Trump or his family is standard operating procedure among the press today. What's sad about this incident is that many of us would like to see greater Freedom of the Press in China; but activities like these will likely only deepen the Party's distrust of an independent press.

        The other factory involved in the investigation also produces women's shoes for companies like Gucci. They displayed to the investigators that most of their system is mechanized and produces 1300 pairs of shoes per day on each production line.

        Chinese Government officials concluded by warning the factories and their employees to be on guard against duplicity by the US Media; stating that our media was interested only in smearing Trump and by extension hurting Chinese business.

         So once again, the American Left have made fools of themselves in front of the world. And the chumps in our Media Establishment have been again humiliated by a foreign State-controlled news source. This is twice now in one month that China has slapped down Ameroboob Anarchists attempting to use China's factories as a foil to attack Trump.

         And it's also further indicative of the depths to which the American Corporate Media will stoop in its fanatical obsession to undermine Trump. They've demonstrated here that they have no regard for sabotaging even our 1st Amendment's image abroad in the pursuit of defeating democracy.



  1. The UC seems to play both sides of the fence, as is always the case with the so-called "right wing of the New Age movement." Toward the end of his life, Malachi Martin, for example, apparently peddled himself out as a rent-an-exorcist, freed from the shackles of Church authority.

    I didn't realise Moon had died in 2012. I believe the UC still owns the Washington Times. Also, look into the UC's affiliation with the University of Bridgeport.

    1. Thanks---I'll look into Bridgeport. The Moonie-affiliated group in control of IBT (which owns the International Business Times, Newsweek, and the Daily Beast) is connected too to Olivet College in California. The Moonies also own United Press International (UPI).

      The Moonies are one our most dangerous cults. They have their tentacles in both the US government and the UN as well. South Korea is also full of high-level Moonies. A really good book on the Moonies' infiltration of politics and society is 'Bad Moon Rising' by John Gorenfeld. It's a little dated, published 2008, but a good primer for any further research into what they've been up to since.