Monday, February 27, 2017


    One of the characteristics of cults is they way they continually employ confirmation bias to undermine faith. Two of the ringleaders of the Red Pill Cult, Dalrock and Vox Day have  published a pair of complimentary articles 'proving' that Feminism---and by extension 'feminized' churches (i.e. everyone outside of their belief system)---has succumbed to the idolatry of the Feminine Imperative.

    The 'Feminine Imperative' is one of the Game/Red Pill mythologies, based on Evolutionary Psychology and some of their own heresies related to the Garden of Eden story. Imperiousness would actually be a better word for what they are describing; but they're too discreet to use that term. Their doctrine alleges that women are this way by nature, unless controlled by Man or the State.

     So, what do Dalrock and Vox offer as evidence for all this? That the British version of the Girl Scouts mentioned 'duty to God' in their creed 117 years ago, but don't today.

     "There are no two ways around it. As Dalrock shows, the evidence is clear." Vox authoritatively informs his disciples, quoting his confederate at length, "Feminism isn't merely wrong, or incoherent, or dyscivilizational (sic) it is intrinsically anti-Christian."

    It may be so; but not for the reasons the Red Pills state---which are clearly designed to promote the mythologies of their Cult. Otherwise, Dalrock wouldn't have added this non-sequitur:

    "We don't get this merely from secular sources or even just from Liberal Christian leaders. Women's feelings are taught by modern Conservative Christians as something holy, divinely inspired."

    The Red Pills actually care nothing about women's feelings, so they repeat exaggerations like the above at every opportunity. They have argued that wives have no right to refuse sex  under any circumstances. A few even argue that they have no right to refuse it outside of marriage, either. This is the point from which they attack Christians (and others) who actually believe in respecting female feelings as 'feminist'. So Dalrock adds:

    "Thus we are taught that wives are light-years closer to God than their husbands, and that they are channeling the Divine Will when they throw Godly tantrums. This is especially true when it comes to women's sexual/romantic feelings."

    What a cad. Dalrock and Vox are arguing that female feelings about sex are imperious and essentially, sinful. This is the reasoning of a thug, or a sexual predator, disguised as Christian Doctrine. To underscore the point further, they attack some ministers as 'heretics':

    "Pastors Dave Wilson and Dr. Albert Mohler both teach that a wife's sexual attraction (or lack thereof) to her husband is a signal from God as to her husband's righteousness."

    Actually, neither teach this. Here's what Dr. Mohler actually did say, as quoted by Dalrock himself:

   "I believe that God intends for a man to be civilized, directed, and stimulated towards marital faithfulness by the fact that his wife will freely give herself to him sexually only when he presents himself as worthy of her attention and desire."

    What a concept: a woman having voluntary sex with a man because she respects him!  

     The whole idea of the Feminine Imperative is bogus anyway. In Palmyra, Syria Christian women were martyred by ISIS for refusing to renounce their Faith---even when the Jihadi thugs lined their children up in a trench and shot them in front of their eyes. For every anecdote like the British Girl Scouts that the Gamers adduce to support their hypothesis, there's another that refutes it. This is why reasoning from anecdote is illogical.

     The Law of Polarity and sexual complimentarianism is never cheated. The Red Pills aren't the antidote to anti-Christian Feminism; but its polarity and compliment. Both are antagonistic to Christianity and to Civilization, regardless of their superficial appearance as opposites.


  1. Well said, indeed.

    I've seen just a hint of some push back coming from a few Christian red pills. Scott, American Dad on wordpress and Dalrockian fan wrote a post called "A Plea," about his church. I've had two contacts with others that at least show some awareness and concern about the problem.

    Pastor Wilson at Blog and Mablog has been rocking the boat too, and at least makes it very challenging for others to try to dismiss the entire church as a victim of the feminine imperative.

    I continue to try to reason with Tomassi, likely an exercise in futility because he has blocked me again, but at least the effort has been made.

    1. Thank you and it is hoped that more Christian leaders will start to realize what a danger this movement poses for traditional marriage and start speaking out.

      I think it's futile to reason with most of the Game/Red Pill leaders. But it's good to point out their false teachings so that others aren't caught in them.