Monday, February 13, 2017


    The Corporate Media outlet Buzzfeed---the same fake news source that gave us the 'Showergate' hoax---reported with great fanfare a meeting in California between leaders of the Woman's March kooks and Wall Street Tech executives this weekend.

    Reshma Saujani, a native of Uganda and activist lawyer was one of those Women's March leaders who organized the meeting, which included Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg; Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey; and Allison Johnson, formerly of Apple Technologies.

     Saujani is a former DNC member and staff member of Hilary Clinton's 2008 Presidential Campaign. She formerly worked for Wall Street law firms as a defense attorney in securities' fraud cases. She worked for various robber-barons like Carret Asset Management, whose CEO went to prison for bank fraud. She also worked for the notorious Carlyle Group, of the infamous Dubai Ports Deal fame as well as the shady Fortress Investment Group, a fund connected with Goldman-Sachs. Saujani unsuccessfully ran for Congress, although she received endorsements from Facebook officials. She currently runs a STEM nonprofit called Girls Who Code, funded heavily by Tech companies including Apple.

     "We're here to ask: How can Tech be part of The Resistance? We came to talk about what role we will play as we make sure we're standing up for undocumented immigrants, those effected by the Moslem ban, and other marginalized communities. We hoped that we could find allies in the tech community, and we have." she proudly announced to the gullible Corporate Press.

      We've previously mentioned Apple's vested financial interest in the so-called 'Resistance'.   Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter is not far behind Apple's Tim Cook in this regard. Saudi Arabia owns more Twitter stock than Dorsey himself. Saudi Prince Alweed heads the same investment firm that also has major holdings in News Corp, Citigroup, and Four Seasons Hotels. Saudi Arabia and News Corp were major donors to the Clinton Foundation; Citibank a huge supporter of Clinton; and Four Seasons is one of Trump's business competitors. The Wahhabi-controlled Saudi government is also a huge supporter of CAIR, which had ties to some of the leaders of the Women's March.

     The Buzzfeed article continues in the same nauseating vein, including a long account of a reception in an upscale San Francisco 'artistic' neighborhood hosted by the aforementioned Allison Johnson. The effete Bay Area Leftists essentially staged a safe-space style cry-in as they plotted to further 'resist' the Trump Administration.

     This is a specimen of the types of people who've dominated American cultural discourse for the last three decades: our self-styled Cultural Elite. Inhabitants of the swamp that Trump has vowed to drain. This 'Resistance' is a paper tiger. It's basically a network of neurotics who are puppets propped up by entrenched financial interests. Exposing them is the way to defeat them.


  1. "It's basically a network of neurotics who are puppets propped up by entrenched financial interests. Exposing them is the way to defeat them."

    Really well said. On a much smaller scale, that's what some of us came to realize locally, our "cultural elites," never seem to have jobs. They've all got trust funds and assorted "artistic grants" and what not. They can advocate for things like increased taxes, they have no actual earned incomes, so it doesn't affect them. They can advocate for "immigration and human rights," their jobs, their housing, their communities are never impacted.

    As to things like "Girls Who Code," that's not really about girls at all, it's about advocating, manipulating and forcing politically correct thought and creating dependance.

    1. Yes, it's beginning to appear that the 'Resistance' leaders are the Clinton Campaign people all over again. All the people involved in one seem to be involved in the other and pulling the same dirty tricks.