Tuesday, February 7, 2017


   Red Pill Cult blogger Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer is at it again; praising a still at-large suspect who terrorized a young woman on the New York City subway. The suspect allegedly singled out a 25-year old woman, began shouting anti-Semitic vulgarities and calling her a 'dirty Jew' before shoving her down.

     Anglin, whom the Red Pills admire as a supposed authority on Christianity, praised the man's actions:

      "I am, of course against shoving. That's assault. You don't want to do anything illegal... But reading pro-Hitler material aloud on the subway or in other public places is perfectly legal and something that I 100% support. Everyone should consider doing this at least once a week. If we had an event like this every day in America, it would be glorious."

      Personally, I think it would be glorious if New York brought back the old-school Irish and Italian cops who knew how to deal with subway punks. Things like this never used to happen on New York subways. But that was then, this is now. The manly Alpha leaders are, according to the Red Pills, those who push young women down because they happen to look Jewish.

      The Red Pills all deny that they advocate violence and brutality towards women, but in reality, they do this on a fairly regular basis. Dalrock, another pseudo-Christian Red Pill blogger has been running a series of articles lately too against one of his favorite bogeymen: The Duluth Model of Abuse.

     The Duluth Model is employed by various marriage counselors, and it has some recognized flaws. But Dalrock sees it everywhere; and seriously seems to believe it is part of some plot to overthrow what he calls 'Biblical Headship'; that is, the masculine position in the Christian social order. In reality, his version of Headship never existed in Christianity outside of some of the most degraded heretical cults.

      Dalrock actually has argued, for example, that wives have no right to set boundaries for their husbands; to leave, argue with, or even withhold sex from an abusive husband. A woman's first duty is her moral duty to God. A religion that teaches one must deny their conscience to serve a human being is a false religion by definition.

       But Anglin and Dalrock are not unique in the Manosphere for preaching violence and abuse, by any means. The Red Pills offer a religion where bullies and thugs are venerated as heroes or as spiritual leaders. Western Civilization, though, is built on a rule of law designed for males to protect and provide for women as the nurturers and educators of future generations.

       The challenge for Conservatives---especially religious Conservatives---in this period of reprieve from Leftist orthodoxy that the Elections have given us, is to restore traditional ideals of masculinity again. To do so, they must push aside the Red Pill frauds and show the true way. Conservative women can be of especial value here.

       We have presently a generation and a half of alienated men. Since the 1990s, men have been marginalized from our society. Some give in and embrace Male Feminism and Cultural Marxism. Others are preyed upon by the Red Pills. Some give way to violence or despair. A culture's men are its first line of defense; and its no accident that our culture has become more irrationally violent the more it alienates men.

        Conservatives must show men the way back. The alternatives offered are nowhere a civilized people can go.



  1. This is really well said. I too have post coming about Dalrock and Duluth. It's so frustrating because masculinity is now being equated with being a bully. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

    This is hopeful, "Conservatives must show men the way back." Yes! Our Christian leadership too, must step up and fill the gap. What gets so frustrating is that red pills like Dalrock are those people, those people who should be leading men to a better understanding of what those traditional ideals of masculinity really are. They could be doing so much good.

  2. Dalrock is a tool of the Left. The Left's dirtiest trick is divide and conquer, whether between the races or, in Dalrock's case, the genders.

    53% of women voted for President Trump, who seems to have BOTH AF and BB. Why haven't their little gamecock heads exploded yet? LOL

    1. These provocateurs have already been caught once with their fingers in the pie:


      The Cultural Marxists use Controlled Opposition like this in many of their tactics. It's part of the 'divide and conquer' tactic you spoke of.