Friday, February 24, 2017


     The so-called 'Christian' Manosphere types are at it again. Just a day or two ago, they were expressing their Alpha outrage at statues depicting Christ teaching children of various race. Now, their ire is getting focused on Christian families adopting non-White babies.

     The Red Pill blog Goodbye America is the culprit once again. A commenter with the telling name of 'Ratlick' denounced a program sponsored by Houston First Baptist Church to assist prospective adoptive parents. A success story published on the Church's website depicted a couple who'd adopted an Indian orphan:

       Ratlick fumes that: "They are fertile, but chose degeneracy. Notice his legs, they are always pushed together like that" A fine comment coming from a supposed defender of men. He continues: "Congregation of the main church is around 90% White. I have seen other couples adopting Indian kids. If we got rid of tax exemption and let political issues be discussed in church, this s--t would stop."

        Ratlick is apparently referring in the last sentence to the Johnson Amendment, which has been up for discussion of repeal recently. The Amendment was written in 1954 by then-Senator Lyndon Johnson and signed into law by President Eisenhower. It's purpose was to prevent political takeovers of religious institutions---which the Communists were actually caught attempting in the late 1940s. The Red Pills---like their Red Comrades on the Left---wholeheartedly support withdrawing legal protections from extremist ideologies infiltrating the churches.

       The blogger then comments that: "The wife is cute, but she's running roughshod over her low-T gayfaced husband. I suspect these hot wives of cucked hubbies sublimate their raging clit-boners for the Masculine Alpha through the adoption of mocha chips. It's next to Godliness!"

       Can't you just hear the jealous rage of this author oozing out from every word? This is very typical of Red Pill/Manosphere writers. They reflexively envy any man with an attractive woman. To be honest, the man in the picture doesn't exactly look 'low-T'. Put a Woolrich plaid jacket and a sock-hat on him and he'd look like someone you wouldn't pick on in a bar-fight.

      What these Red Pills are also completely ignorant about is how adoption actually works in the United States. It so happens that the majority of adoptive parents are White and that the majority of orphans available for adoption are not. For couples eager to start a family, a child from a non-White background is much easier to obtain. 

       And for that matter, let's consider the little girl in the picture. She lives in a Christian home; probably goes to Sunday School and likely will attend a parochial school of some type when she's older. What do we suppose the odds of this happening to her in India were?

       This is simply more Red Pill Christian-bashing. To underscore this point, a regular Manosphere commenter called 'ar10308' opines:

       "Inter-racial adoption shaming needs to become a thing. My best friend's older brother and his wife are now posting on FB about how excited they are to add some Curried Untouchable to their family. They have 3-4 healthy children of Germanic descent already; and why they need to add a Vindulooter is only out of Churchian reasoning and self-righteousness." So says the ignoramus who doesn't realize that Aryans originated in India.

     The Ancient Romans had an aggressive program of adopting foreign children during an infertility epidemic and it was widely praised. The Early Christians followed the Roman program and even during the Crusades orphans from the Middle East were adopted by European families. There's nothing new or novel about any of this. The Church has always welcomed this practice as a way of encouraging families and bringing the Gospel to other cultures.

     But adoption of any kind is frowned upon by the Red Pills. Their doctrines imply that the ability to reproduce is a sign of the superior Alpha Male; and that fertility is the only essential value that women. Their doctrines aren't Christian at all; but simply a role-reversal of Radical Feminist and Militant Homosexual positions on the subject. And envy of the traditional family motivates them all.

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