Thursday, February 2, 2017


    Stung by a series of recent humiliations that has made them global laughing-stocks, the Whacko Left completely exploded in Berkeley, California last night. An intended speech by Milo Yiannapolous at the University of California had to be cancelled after an out-of-control Bay Area mob collectively lost it and began beating people, throwing cherry-bombs and gas grenades, looting ATMs and stores, setting fires, etc.

    Chancellor Nicholas Dirks of UC-Berkeley condemned the violence---after Trump began a Twitter discussion questioning whether the University deserved further federal funding. Dirks said: "UC-Berkeley condemns in the strongest possible terms the actions of individuals who invaded the campus, infiltrated a crowd of peaceful students, and used violent tactics to close down the event."

    Dirks isn't exactly telling the truth here. RT News interviewed the Campus Republicans sponsoring Yiannapolous' speech who complained that, even though they'd paid a security fee, that no police were present when the riots began. Does Chancellor Dirks wish to explain why not? In the last month alone, violent riots have broken out at Yiannapolous speeches at UC-Davis and the University of Washington. Did Dirks really imagine that nothing was going to happen at Berkeley?

    It seems to this writer's mind that the inquest into the Berkeley Riots needs to start in the office of Chancellor Dirks. His gross negligence---and likely deliberate negligence at that---was responsible for the extent of the violence last night in Berkeley. Anyone who suffered injuries or property damage there yesterday should seriously consider a civil lawsuit against Dirks and UC-Berkeley. Some of their $4 billion budget should go to a worthier cause; because it obviously isn't being spent educating anybody.

    Dirks himself rakes in a hefty $532,000 salary at UC-Berkeley. He is currently under investigation for misappropriation of funds, but has agreed to remain as chancellor until a new crook is chosen to replace him.

     UC-Berkeley is clearly another dysfunctional university which really no longer serves a legitimate purpose. President Trump is correct that it's past time to start a national dialogue on federal funding for many of these institutions.




  1. This seems to have backfired in that Milo appeared on Tucker Carlson and his book (which won't be released until March) went to #1 on Amazon reportedly. All publicity for Milo is good publicity since his charm is irresistible.

  2. Doug Hagmann (Hagmann & Hagmann Report) just posted a one-hour interview with Scott Greer about this on Youtube. He is the author of "No Campus for White Men." I don't have time to listen to it today but you might be interested.

  3. I have my doubts about using RTNews as a source, but the campus cops obviously let things get out of control.

    1. It's really beginning to appear now as though the school's Administration purposely understaffed the campus police and tipped off the Anarchists. I put up a new post today, and there's a few other details that we're looking into that seem indicate that the UC leadership did more than just stand around and let this happen. Stay tuned!