Thursday, February 11, 2021


      After writing on Sunday about ignoring the Super-Farce, I should have remembered from past experience, that the Corporate Media wasn't going to let anybody ignore it. From what I've gathered from the news-feeds, this year managed to sink even lower into Political Correctness and Trash Culture. Apparently, spectators this year were treated to another ground-breaking first, with the Super Bowl featuring female referees. Actually, the sight of American men getting orders from a strong independent woman more likely was something that Ameroboobs could relate to quite easily. The story that really raised my interest was a viral tweet from former NFL running-back Larry Johnson. According to him, the halftime show seemed Satanic. 

     It seemed Satanic? I'm really not certain how they could get more blatant than that. It is true that they've been pushing the envelope now for the last few years with this overtly occult imagery. One positive sign was that this year's Sewer Bowl had the lowest televised rating since 1969, and the fewest viewers since 2007. 

   2007 is an interesting sort of watermark for the NFL. Three idiots involved in this year's PC/Devil Worship spectacle have been directly involved with the event's degeneration since that year. 

    Ricky Kirshner has produced every Super Bowl Halftime Spectacle since 2007. He's also produced every Democrat National Convention since 1992 as well as Obama's Inauguration ceremonies. Indra Nooyi was the former CEO of Pepsico which has sponsored the Halftime Event since 2007. Nooyi was the first non-American, non-male to head Pepsi's Agribusiness empire. She quickly wrecked Pepsi's long-standing tradition of being one of America's most conservative companies to one of the most 'progressive'. Not surprisingly, she's a member of the WEF. Nooyi resigned in 2018 and currently heads the illegal commission managing Connecticut's repressive lockdown policies. Goodell became NFL Commissioner in 2007. A colorless swab, he owes his position mostly to his family's political and media connections. His father was a RINO Republican who changed his stripes after Conservatism fell out of favor. Goodell became allied with Kirshner through his homo brother whose partner is another prominent Hollywood liberal producer. Goodell's brother Tim is an executive with the Hess Corporation. 

    Isn't it interesting how it seems that every close examination of sociopolitical problems these days nearly always finds a Left-Wing activist and/or a WEF member lurking somewhere in the background? 

   A more important---though no less demonic spectacle---was announced this week by the Junta. Six RINOs joined hands with their new-found confederates in the Democratic Party to put President Trump on trial. 

       This so-called 'impeachment' is a show trial; a kangaroo court. Radical Revolutions always put on these farces to disgrace their enemies. And that is what this 'trial' of the legitimate president is really all about. First it will be President Trump, then Senators and Congressmen, then down the Conservative line until they've brought all of us up on charges of some kind. Where this ultimately is going is toward the establishment of a one-party state. 

      What does all of this have to do with a football game? For starts, the same scum who orchestrate these diversions also orchestrate these stupid political shams. The same trash that appeals to our low level of culture is reflected in the 'government' that now allegedly represents us. The first great event of 2021 featured a game that was probably rigged just like the Election was and featured a demon descending upon the world just like the Great Reset is descending upon us. 

     If I were in President Trump's place, I would not give this trial the slightest legitimacy. I wouldn't mount a defense or appear at it. The only statement I would give is that I don't recognize the outcome of it, whatever it is. That should be our attitude too. Ignore the 'impeachment' like we ignored the Super Bowl. Disconnect, disengage, disunite. Nothing that this Junta does has the slightest legitimacy. Every word coming from their mouths is a lie; and every action they take is a fraud. 

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